Sunday, December 11, 2016

Week 78


Well, this is it. my 18 months of serving as a full time missionary is coming to an end. W

hat a wonderful experience it has been.

Here is the miracle of the week:
Our zone leaders here are great, we absolutely love them! and they have ALOT of faith. So they decided to have a "faith baptism" this last week. They planned everything out to have a baptism on Saturday the only thing was that they didn't know who was getting baptized. They exercised quite a bit of faith and unfortunately nobody was baptized on Saturday but here is the MIRACLE that happened because of their faith.....
Sister Kikkert and I visited a fairly recent convert family, the Guthries. Well Tonya, the mom, and Kat, the daughter, are both members but the 9 year old son AJ isn't baptized yet. He's been wanting to get baptized for a while but the timing hasn't been right. We visited them last week and talked about the "faith baptism" that the Elders were hoping to have and Tonya goes, "Well let's get AJ baptized!" we were like, "wait, what?!" hahahah. AJ has been to church multiple times and received all the missionary lessons so we decided to plan a baptism for this Saturday. MIRACLES HAPPEN. Even though the Elders "faith baptism" didn't turn out the way that they thought, Heavenly Father had a different plan in mind. 

I am forever grateful for the opportunity I have had to represent my Savior Jesus Christ. I love Him. I love this work. It's a beautiful thing that we are able to find ourselves as we are focused on serving those around us. I know that this is Jesus Christ's church. I know that Joseph Smith was called to be the Prophet to restore the plain and precious truths that were lost throughout the years. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost. He is the ultimate teacher of spiritual truth. Everything I have learned on my mission, I have learned from the Spirit. I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. If you haven't read it, read it. It changes lives. It has changed mine. Heavenly Father is mindful of each of us, He loves us unconditionally. I love that I am able to repent. Repentance is a continual and joyful process. I know that I can repent because of my Savior Jesus Christ. 

I LOVE MY MISSION. Thank you to all of you who have made an life-long impact on me. To my past companions, members, investigators, fellow missionaries, I love you. I know that God has placed each of us in each other's paths for a specific reason. You all have helped me grow so much in ways that you will never know. And THANKS to the best support group of family and friends back at home. Y'all are the real MVPs. 

see you real soon:)
Sister Breanne Turpin 

P.S. my homecoming talk will be next Sunday, December 18th @ 1 PM :) 
Exchanges with the cute Taylorville sisters.
Sister Williams and I with our flight plans.... LOL

We had a Mexican fiesta Christmas party last night at FHE. 

Week 77

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week and I hope that you all did as well:)
here's what happened.....
1. DORY: we are really excited about teaching Dory! Heavenly Father has definitely been preparing her to hear the gospel. She invited us over for dinner and we taught her the plan of salvation and invited her to be baptized on January 7th and she accepted! When we were leaving she told us that her 4 year old son Wyatt said, "I love when the sisters come over, they help me feel closer to God." HOW CUTE!!!! 
2. CALLED TO REPENTANCE: we had Brother Tanner and Brother Gonzalez from the missionary department come visit our mission this last week and we had a special MLC so they could teach us to be better missionaries. Brother Tanner said, "The reason I am here is to call you all to repentance." At first we were all like oh no... we are in trouble! But then he read the definition of repentance in the bible dictionary and it says that repentance is a fresh view of ourselves and the world. So really they just came to help our mission have a fresh view of doing missionary work and it was great! Right when I feel like I'm figuring out how to be a missionary I learn that there are lots of things I can be better at. Good thing for repentance :)
3. THANKSGIVING: we had a great thanksgiving spent with a few different members. I am so grateful for the ward families that i have been able to love and serve. plus we ate lots of yummy food;) 
4. EXCHANGES: we went on exchanges with the mattoon sisters, Sister Arch and Sister Desmond! I love that I get to spend time with my old companions after I leave them. For real all of my companions are my best friends. Plus I get to learn lots from these great sisters! 
Well, I love you all.
Have a great week!
Sister Turpin
Last time with Sister Hill - love her!

I love Sister Kikkert and am grateful for her!!


i love my archie!! 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Week 76

I love this time of year. I am grateful for this holiday season and I am especially grateful for wonderful people like you all in my life! I am most of all grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the opportunity I have to be a missionary and share His gospel with those around me.
Every week seems to just fly by! Here is what happened:
1. TAKE ME BACK TO DANVILLE: Last December-February I served in Danville and ever since I've been in Springfield I've been DYING to go back! We had exchanges with the Danville sisters this week and I finally got to spend some time in Danville. We went to visit Shaniah, Za'Nyra, and Isiah who were all baptized when I was there. We knocked on the door and their grandpa answered it, I peeked my head in and saw the girls and they yelled "SISTER TURPIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Then they ran up to me and attacked me with love and hugs. It was a tender moment and I was so grateful to be able to see them again! 
2. ZONE CONFERENCE: Since this is my last transfer, I had my last zone conference as a missionary. I love zone conference mostly because you are surrounded by missionaries and the spirit is always so strong. They showed us the new Christmas initiative for this year, #LIGHTtheWORLD. It comes out the day after Thanksgiving so you all should watch it:) 
3. FOLLOW THE SPIRIT: Friday night some of our plans had fallen through so we weren't quite sure what to do. We felt like we should go and see one of our investigators, Dory. We knocked on her door and she was there with one of her friends and they started opening up to us about some hard things they were going through so we decided to read the Book of Mormon with them. We helped relate the story to their lives and how they could pray to God for peace and comfort. It was amazing to see how the spirit worked on both of them as we read from the BOM and their attitudes had almost changed completely. We invited Dory and her friend Tawanda to be baptized and they both said yes! 
4. KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS: This week we taught Florence and Deandra some of the commandments. We taught them about the Word of wisdom and when we told her that we can't drink tea or coffee she was a little surprised at first but then she said, "God knows better than we do. I will keep the word of wisdom because I know God will bless me." It was amazing to see her testimony of commandments being blessings and not restrictions. 
Well, I love you all.
Make sure to eat lots of food on Thursday;)
Sister Turpin 

Back in Danville with my favorite kiddos! 

Sister Curtis is our mission nurse who went home yesterday!

With Florence Deandra and Destiny. WE LOVE THIS FAMILY. 

My last zone conference... *tear*

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Week 75

i feel like November is just flying by! 
here is what happened this week....

1. FINDING DORY: no, not the movie. we actually found an investigator named Dory! and it was a huge miracle. we went to contact a referral we had received and when we parked the car we saw Allaric and his brothers outside. we were so confused because they live in Riverton and we were in Springfield. of course the boys run up and yell "the sisters are here! can you come teach us a lesson? come teach Dory and her kids." turns out that Dory was babysitting the boys and she ended up asking us if we could come over to teach her and her kids, she has 6 kids all under the age of 7. so we taught the first lesson and we are going back this week. It was truly a miracle! also, Allaric helped teach most of the lesson and it was so neat to see how strong this little boy's testimony already is. 
2. PERSONAL REVELATION: we had the coolest experience with one of our less actives this week, Rosalie. We visited her earlier in the week and she was really depressed so we talked about Christ and his atonement. she called us a few days later and invited us to come over again. she had made a complete change from when we had seen her early that week. she was happy and told us that she loves the spirit we bring when we come visit. we told her that all she has to do to feel the spirit is to pray and read the scriptures. we had a really spiritual lesson with her and invited her to come to the adult session of stake conference that night and she came! and the best part was that everything we had talked about with her that day was brought up at stake conference that night. It was just a second witness from the spirit to all of us and she definitely recognized it and could feel the spirit. I LOVE THE SPIRIT.
3. PRIESTHOOD POWER: Sunday afternoon we got a call from Florence and she told us that she was in the ER. we asked her if she wanted a blessing and she said yes. we met up with the elders at the hospital and they gave Florence a blessing. the spirit was really strong in the room and afterwards Florence goes, "I feel funny." hahaha we asked her if it was a good feeling and she said yes and we explained to her that it was the spirit. after that her granddaughter Destiny said, "I want you to bless me like that too!" it was cute and I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood. It is real! 
4. MLC: pretty sure I say this every time... But I LOVE LOVE LOVE MLC. it's just so great to see all of my favorite missionaries and to feel the spirit so strong and receive counsel from our leaders and revelation from the spirit. President Bateman got to carry the Olympic torch back when the Olympics were in Utah. He shared his experience with us and talked about how he had to "guard the flame." He compared this to missionary work and how we need to guard our flame of faith. Also, another thing he talked about was that our missions are more than just 18 or 24 months. It might just be because I'm going home soon, but this really stuck out to me. The things I learn while I am on my mission aren't just for my mission, they are for my entire life.

have a happy Monday :)
Sister Turpin 

This is mine and sister bishop's last transfer....
but we are finishing with our torches lit;) 

All the STLs with the Batemans and the torch.

I GOT TO SEE BABY HILL AT MLC. we were super stoked.
also, i love Sister Hulme. 

Visiting Florence in the ER, poor thing!

Week 74


Okay, this last week was literally a piece of heaven.

1. ENDURING TO THE END: I had one of the highlights of my mission this last week. everybody remember the Carrillos from O'fallon? They are some of the greatest people I know. Brother Carrillo got diagnosed with congestive heart failure, kidney failure, and cancer about 3 weeks ago. They had their date set to go to the temple and they said that they were going no matter what. Sister Arch and I got permission to go to the temple with them. It was such a special day. We walked into the chapel of the temple before their endowment session and saw all of our O'fallon family. We sat in front of the bishop and his wife and she leaned forward and said "It's like a piece of heaven seeing you girls here today with the Carrillos." The spirit was strong and I realized that even though I am away from my family, I have lots of family here in MSLM. 
2. BACK AT IT: so we had exchanges with the Mattoon sisters this last week and I got to spend the day with my past companion Sister Arch!! I truly love all of my companions from my mission and it's so fun to be reunited and teach again together. We had lots of fun together! Plus, we got to see Elder Lindsay too so our little squad from O'fallon was reunited. Lil Turp & A$AP ARCHIE, back at it! 
3. SABBATH DAY: we had 4 of our investigators at church yesterday! That has been the most we have had all transfer. Florence came with 2 of her granddaughters, and also we had Rose come. It was great! They all enjoyed it and said they want to come back. 
4. TRANSFER CALLS: the most excited day of the transfer. fortunately sister kikkert and I will both be staying in springfield. WOOOOOO. 

i love you all. xoxox Sister Turpin
Our district picture, love these guys.
Temple with the Carrillos
The Carrillos mean so much to me.
THE SQUAD BACK AT IT. (Minus E. Handley... RIP)

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week 73

I hope that y'all have a spooktacular day;)

here's what's happened the past couple of days since I emailed last....
1. EXCHANGES: we got to spend some time with the Mahomet sisters, SIster Hudson and Sister Williams. I love both of these sisters! Sister Williams and I were in the same MTC district and we got to spend the day together. It was super fun to see how we have both grown from our MTC days and the beginning of our missions.
2. I LOVE SENIOR MISSIONARIES: basically the best thing happened this week. WE GOT A SENIOR COUPLE IN OUR DISTRICT!! They are serving in the Litchfield branch and came to their first district meeting this week. Sister Reynolds walked into the church building with a pan full of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. She told us that anytime we have a craving for anything she will cook for us. YUUUSSSS. The Reynolds are the cutest and so fun. It's like having an extra set of grandparents to take care of us.
3. TRUNK OR TREAT: we had our ward halloween party/trunk or treat on saturday. they had a chilli cook off and pie baking contest and the missionaries were the lucky ones who got to taste test;) We had two of our investigators that we are teaching come to the halloween party, Rose and Kathy. They both enjoyed themselves and had a fun time fellowshipping with other ward members. 
4. GOIN TO THE TEMPLE: we have been working with Brother Minor to get him to the temple and this sunday he met with the bishop and got his temple recommend. He bore his testimony in sacrament meeting and it was the sweetest thing ever. I couldn't help but smile the whole time. I love that guy so much and I can't wait for him to get to the temple! 

well I hope that you all do something fun for Halloween.
stay out of trouble, I LOVE YOU ALL.
Sister Turpin 

We love the mahomet sisters!
We had some fun with the leaves;)

Yep we are super cool!

 Recent converts, rainy and lonnie dressed up as missionaries for halloween.
kinda blurry sorry!

This couple takes care of us so much. they took us to goodwill last week and bought all of the missionaries new outfits. they are so cute. and they are leaving to go to AZ for the winter. we will miss them! 

Week 72

our mission's pday got switched to wednesday because of the temple trip, super weird to have pday during the middle of the week, but we are enjoying it:)
well I feel like SO much has happened! 
here's the update for Springfield:
1. CHALLENGE FROM THE APs: every monday we talk with the assistants on the phone and they ask how they can help us and give us suggestions how to improve. well this last week they gave us a challenge to invite every person we teach to a specific date on the first lesson. we were not too sure about it at first, but of course we took the challenge. and cool part was, IT WORKED! at the end of the week we had set 8 baptismal dates. WOOHOOO. thank you APs.
2. RECENT CONVERT FIRE: I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but this ward has the best recent converts EVER. Rainy got baptized about a month ago and we take her to alot of lessons with us. she is so great! we started teaching her mom this last week and it's cool to see Rainy bear her testimony to her mom of how the gospel can bless her life. once you feel the joy of the gospel, you can't help but share it with everyone!
3. DELIGHTFUL SABBATH: This last Sunday was quite delightful for two reasons: 1) It was the primary program. everyone knows how much I love little people, and the spirit is always so strong hearing them sing and bear their testimonies. 2) FLORENCE CAME TO CHURCH. She brought 3 of her grandkids with her and they all loved it. everyone was asking her if she would be back next week and she said, "yes, I will be here!" 
4. DO YOU WANT SOME SPAGHETTI SAUCE?: okay so last night we went to visit a less active member. she gave us 2 big ole containers of spaghetti sauce, no noodles, just sauce. we left her house and had an awkward half hour before we needed to be home for the night. so we decided to find some homeless people to give the spaghetti sauce! by the way, springfield has ALOT of homeless people. so we drove around and found 2 nice men and asked them if they wanted some spaghetti sauce. They were so appreciative and grateful and of course we shared a Book of Mormon with them. I always feel so great when I can help out others who are in need. It makes me really grateful for all the thing I do have. 
5. "I SAW A PILLAR OF LIGHT": last week we met with Jessica, who we were teaching a few months ago but her life got crazy busy and we weren't able to meet for a while. well, we started teaching her again and when we visit this week she had a friend. of course we invited him to listen to our message. We shared the restoration and Sister Kikkert began sharing the first vision. All she said was, "I saw a pillar of light." and Jessica's friend Wes goes. "WOW." it was pretty cool. She continued on and finished retelling Joseph's account and the spirit was strong. 
have a great week.
Sister Turpin
We went on our tour of Abraham Lincoln's home.

Lorrie made us chocolate gravy and biscuits... SO GOOD.
we love these boys! 

We ran into Felicia walking down the street.

Week 71

okay this week has been a week of miracles.
here are some things I've learned, and some miracles that have happened.
First of all, President Bateman is so inspired! We had our interviews with him this week and they were great. He taught us about setting goals. Basically, I have been setting goals wrong just about my WHOLE mission. ugh. at least I'm learning now though right. we talked about even though we don't know how we are gonna achieve our goals or who is gonna help us achieve them, the Lord does. This is where FAITH comes into play in setting goals. Now that we know that faith is needed to set goals, here is a miracle from this week.
We had our president interviews/ZLT meetings all day Tuesday. In between one of the meetings Sister Kikkert and I went to grab some lunch, we came back and the Zone Leaders and President and Sister Bateman were talking with a lady. Sister Bateman asked if we could come with her to get some baby formula and diapers for this lady, Jamie, and her baby. We of course agreed to come with her and while we were driving in the car, Sister Bateman told us that Jamie had walked into the church on a Tuesday afternoon, when the church is usually closed, and found the ONLY room in the church where President Bateman and the zone leaders were and knocked on it. She needed help and had gotten a card from a missionary a few months ago with the address to the church on it. The elders taught her a lesson with President Bateman there and set up a time to meet later that week. NOW FOR THE COOL PART: So the ZLs knew that they would only have about an hour of proselyting time that day because they had meetings just about all day long. But they felt inspired to set a goal of one member present lesson and a new investigator. They had NO IDEA how they were going to achieve that goal, but Heavenly Father did. He led Jamie to the church so they could teach her. President Bateman just happened to be the member present. MIRACLES HAPPEN WHEN WE ACT IN FAITH. 
Okay sorry I'm a little excited about setting goals, but the spirit has truly taught me a lot this week about goals and faith. This is truly a faith-based work. 
Miracle number 2 of the week: We started teaching Florence last week and this week when we were teaching her we asked her 3 granddaughters if they wanted to join in on the lessons. They all said YES!! After the lesson we extended a baptismal date to all 4 of them and they all accepted! They are the cutest family, we love them and are excited to keep teaching them all and help them progress towards baptism.
Other highlights of the week: 
EXCHANGES! We had exchanges with the Danville, and Rantoul sisters this week. exchanges are always my fav, and they are just the cutest sisters! 
We passed our apartment inspections, and Sister Curtis gave us yummy banana bread!
Wedding Round 2! Another couple that the elders are teaching got married. I guess it's wedding season.
Okay so missionaries have missionary planners, but they are really boring so we decorate them and make them look cute and we call it planner art. well Sister Bateman had a really boring missionary palnner so Sister Kikkert and I did planner art for her and she's been showing it off to everyone all week. too funny :)
Hope you all have a fabulous week.
Don't forget that someone in Illinois loves you... AKA, ME! 
Sister Turpin

I love to see my old companions, Sister Arch!

We love Dairy Queen and I love these missionaries!

The Messervy's are our pool shooting partners for pdays:)

Exchanges with Rantoul Sisters.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Week 70

holidays are so irrelevant to missionaries because we never get a day off. and I am grateful for that. no time to rest when you're doin' the Lord's work! 

1. 4 MINUTE RESTORATION: okay, this is so legit. President Bateman challenged all of us missionaries to teach the message of the restoration in 4 minutes. Yes, it sounds crazy. But it is possible, and SO SPIRITUAL. The Spirit is there the whole time testifying because we are teaching restored truths the whole time. We've been using it like crazy and it's been cool to see the miracles from it. We were able to pick up 5 new investigators this week from using it. We also have been teaching it to members. one of our members after we did it said "Can I record you doing that to send to my kids?" how cute? i love the 4 minute resto!
2. EXCHANGES: this week we had exchanges with the Taylorville sisters and I got to spend the day with Sister Rindlisbacher. She is only in her 2nd transfer of her mission and is so cute. She's still pretty nervous about being a missionary, mainly talking to and teaching people the gospel. But I was able to see her grow so much in the short day we were together. The enabling power of the atonement is real! it helps us to be able to overcome any fear or challenge we may have. 
3. MY ZLs ARE MY DLs: we had a change in our district and now our zone leaders are also our district leaders. kinda weird, but fun also! district meeting has always been one of my favorite meetings. this week we talked about how we need to help the people we are teaching to understand the importance of the gift of the holy ghost. I have gained such an appreciation for the spirit. The gift of the holy ghost is truly the best gift we could ever have. 
4. FLORENCE: one of the new investigators we taught this week was Florence. She is the sweetest lady, we love her! She felt the spirit as we shared the message of the restoration with her and accepted a baptismal invitation. She asked us if we could come and see her every other day because she really needs to get back into going to church. #NotMad.
5. MLC: my favorite, favorite meeting ever. We talked about the doctrine of repentance and baptism. the first lesson we teach is the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. sometimes we leave out the gospel of Jesus Christ part, and only talk about the restoration. But the gospel of Jesus Christ is so central to our purpose as missionaries, we need to always be teaching it to others. We talked a lot about repentance also. I am so grateful for the ability to repent. I feel like my mission has truly taught me what it means to repent. Repentance brings us true joy.

I hope you all have a fabulous week.

Sister Turpin

On exchanges with the one and only, sister Rindlisbacher!

Matching Springfield shirts!

Week 69


How was conference weekend? didn't you just love it? I DID!
Besides conference, here are some other highlights.
1. FAMILY REUNION: so since i'm away from my family, the people on my mission are my family. legit, I love all the missionaries in this mission, they are like my own brothers and sisters. this week with transfers, I got a new companion: SISTER KIKKERT. WOO.  She was trained by my MTC comp Sister Bishop and I was her STL when I was in O'fallon. Plus the new elder in our ward is Elder Lindsay, who was in my last district when I was in O'fallon. Also, Sister Arch is in one of our zones too. ahhh, it's so great to be reuinted with all of my mission fam! 
2. MINI MISSIONARY: Allaric is such a great example of being a missionary, and since he's only 10 I'll refer to him as a mini missionary :) we taught him this last week and his neighbor friends usually come and sit in on the lessons. We were talking about prophets and one of his friends asked what a prophet was. Allaric answered, "A prophet is someone who speaks to God and tells us the commandments." It was awesome because we didn't even have to answer her question, he did it for us. GO ALLARIC!
3. BLAST FROM THE PAST: rewind to a year ago when I was serving in Potosi, Missouri. Sister Hill and I taught Dennis Moore all of the lessons in a period of 11 days and he was baptized 3 weeks later right after I left the area. Dennis is so awesome, and a great example of people being prepared to accept the gospel. well, THE MOORES CAME AND VISITED ME THIS WEEK. It was so great to see the two of them. Plus they brought me my favorite frozen custard from LIX. hahahah Sister Hill and I were super addicted to it. shout out to the Moore's! 
4. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND: we have an investigator that we've been working with for a while that hasn't had much progress. she's been reading the BOM but told us she hasn't found any peace in it. we asked her what she was searching for while reading the BOM and she told us that she was looking for contradictions to the bible. we told her that she won't find peace in the BOM if she isn't looking for it. she agreed this week to look for peace in the BOM. we promised her that she would find it as she was seeking. If you seek to find fault and contradictions in the BOM it will be pretty hard to find peace, but if you are searching for peace and happiness, I promise you can find it. 
5. #LDSCONF: general conference, my favorite time of the year. It's basically like christmas for missionaries. Sister Kikkert and I have been inviting people to write down a question in preparation for conference so we both decided to do the same thing. I wrote my question down and within the first few talks of the saturday morning session my question was answered. I testify that God answers any question we may have. how blessed are we to have a living prophet and apostles on the earth today that give us so much hope and guidance. 

Happy October. I hope you are all enjoying this sweater weather.
Sweater weather is better weather. am i right??

Sister Turpin 
I love these people so much.
Hanging out with my good old friend, Abe.
We just found out yesterday that Elder Johnson is going home.. super sad. 
Elder Dial is our district leader and he will be leaving also to be with another companionship near St. Louis.
it's like losing the two brothers I never had. 

My new comp: SISTER KIKKERT :)
Posing with our good friend, Abe Lincoln

Week 68


the transfer is officially over. can you believe it?
Here's our transfer doctrine: Sister Day is leaving Springfield to go follow up train her grandbaby in Webster groves. she's pumped, but we will definitely miss each other! and I will be staying here in Springfield and getting Sister Kikkert as my companion. Sister Kikkert was one of the sister I was an STL over when I was in O'fallon so it will be fun to be companions. I'm excited! 

Transfer calls are always the most exciting part of the week, but here are the other things that happened.....

1. THE PRIESTHOOD IS REAL: Sister Day got sick and asked the Elders for a blessing, of course they willingly gave her one. During her blessing Elder Thorsen said "Heavenly Father has blessed you with a loving companion who has your back. Make sure to talk openly to her and she can help you." Even though the blessing was to help Sister Day I felt like God was telling me that we are assigned our companions for a reason. I love all my companions and know that they are inspired. Plus the power of the priesthood is real because Sister Day was able to make it through the day and get feeling better. 
2. TIME FOR THE TEMPLE: We have so many less actives coming back to church and it is SO WONDERFUL. We've been working with Sharon Bailey and this last week she told us "I think it's time for me to get back to the temple." We were like YUSSSS SHARON. The temple is always the goal.
3. CHURCH TOUR: the missionaries decided to have a church tour/movie night this last week. but first of all, I wanna give a shout out to Walter Rhoades, THE BEST WARD MISSION LEADER EVER. he's so great and helps support us missionaries so much. We had an open house of the church with the different auxiliaries explaining what they do and how the church works. afterwards we got to watch the movie 17 miracles. everyone loved it and it was a great night! 
4. THE POWER OF AN INVITATION: I have learned how powerful a simple invitation can be. We've been working with our investigator Tiffany and asked her who she knew that we could share this message with and she invited her friend Aundie to come listen to the lessons too. We are teaching both of them now and they were both at church on Sunday! YAYAY. They are the cutest girls. I love the youth. 
5. PREACH MY G: we have a preach my gospel fireside monthly with our ward and it is so bomb. the ward members have so much fire to share the gospel, they just don't know how so that's what we're here to help with. it was cool because during our discussion one of the members raised her hand and said "I've been married to a nonmember for 30 years and nobody has ever tried to fellowship him or introduce him to the gospel." OKAY WHAT. I think we all as a ward realized that there is much work to do even within our own members. also, my best advice to all of you members is to STUDY PREACH MY GOSPEL. i love that book! 
6. BYE BYE BLIZZARD: ok this is the funniest thing of my life. none of you will probably think it's that funny tho.... so it's been a joke with the missionaries how they hand you blizzards at DQ upside down. I just learned this my first transfer in Springfield. anyways.. Sister Day and I wanted to take a picture holding our blizzards upside down to remember the joke. as Elder Haymore was about to take the picture hers fell out all over her lap and the floor. we were crying we were laughing so hard. MORAL OF THE STORY: never hold your blizzard upside down, leave that to the DQ workers.

that's all.
but seriously. I love you guys.
xoxo Sister Turpin

Elder Robinson goes home today.
we share a ward with him and Elder Haymore. 
our blizzard fail...
what a mess.
We spent the day with the Mahomet sisters.. 
I love these sisters so much!
especially sister Hudson ;) 
Our favorite ZLs, Elder Noyes and Thorsen.

Weel 67

this week we great, just like every other. hahaha but seriously......every week is great as a missionary.

here is what happened..

1. MISSION POSTERITY: we had our last exchange of the transfer with the Danville sisters! woooo! Sister Howard and Sister Lyons are awesome. plus Sister Howard is my grandbaby. Sister Hill trained her and let me just brag for a second.... I HAVE THE BEST MISSION FAMILY EVER. Like legit. exchanges were great and super fun like always! at the end of the day the Danville sisters called their investigator Abrion, who Sister Henrie and I found and taught when we were in Danville. I got to talk to her for 5 minutes and it was so great, she told me she is still planning to get baptized later this year. it's always so great to hear how people progress after you leave the area.
2. PRINCESS TIANA: Sister Day and I got a phone call from an 801 area code this week and she goes.. "wait, this is a Utah area code..." but of course we answered it and this is what we heard. "HI, my name is Diana and I'm a member from Utah. I'm here in Springfield touring with Disney on ice, I have the day off tomorrow and was wondering if I could come out with you guys and teach." Sister Day and I were shocked. LIKE WHO DOES THAT??? but of course we were pumped and told her we would pick her up the next day and she could do missionary work with us. she was so cute and just got her mission call to serve in LA, California. also, she played princess Tiana for Disney

on ice so basically we got to hang out with a Disney princess all day. #WINNING
3. MISSION CONFERENCE: we had our mission conference this week with Elder Wilford W. Andersen of the 70 and his wife. it's always a special opportunity to shake hands with a general authority and learn from them. we got to have a special MLC afterwards for a couple hours. the last 30 minutes of our MLC Elder Andersen invited each of us to share a 60 second or less testimony of the things that we know are true. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had. a testimony doesn't have to be long to be powerful. 
4. TIFFANY: alright, Tiffany is so legit! we found her a couple weeks ago at a less active's house. she lives a few doors down and was at his house when we went to visit him. we asked her if we could teach her and she said yes. we taught her the restoration this last week and the spirit was so strong. the first time we invited her to be baptized she said she had already been baptized, but after we taught her the restoration and explained the priesthood we re invited her when the spirit was there and she said yes and that she will pray about a date. WOOOO. plus, she totally came to church on sunday! She's 14 years old so we got to hang out in the youth Sunday school class with her. it was great!
5. RAINEE AND LONNIE GOT BAPTIZED: since we share a ward with elders, sometimes it feels like we share investigators. hahaha. but the couple the elders were teaching that got married the week before, got baptized and confirmed this last week. It was so great to see them make that covenant with their Heavenly Father. I love seeing how the gospel can change people. 

It's week 6 of the transfer.... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. We have lots of good things happening this week. We find out on Saturday if we stay or leave. The anticipation is killing me....

well I truly love all of you. hope you have a great week! 

XOXO Sister Turpin
OMG. SO ONE OF OUR MEMBERS GAVE US A QUESADILLA MAKER. I was so excited. I love quesadillas! 
Sister Howard and I on exchanges with "Princess Tiana" :)  Cornfields of Illinois
Ilove these people.

Week 66

read below to find out what....

It's so hard to decide what to put in my weekly emails each week. I feel like I write a lot, but just so you are all aware I probably only tell about 25% of the things that happened.

1. EXCHANGES: okay yeah, we have exchanges every week so it doesn't seem like it's that exciting. but I really just love them! I got to be with Sister Rindlisbacher for the day. She has only been out for about a month now. It made me reminisce on my greenie days as a missionary. I wish I could go back!!
2. "THE SISTERS ARE HERE": I would be lying if I said that I didn't have favorite investigators as a missionary. Right now our favorite person to teach is Allaric, mostly because he loves us and is super eager to learn. We were pulling up to Lorrie's house for our lesson and all the boys were outside. Allaric was riding his bike and saw our car and yelled down to his brothers, "THE SISTERS ARE HERE, THE SISTERS ARE HERE!" It was the cutest thing ever. Sister Day and I felt very welcomed and loved. He is doing great and on track for baptism next week!
3. BIRTHDAY WEEK: I swear, everyone has a birthday in September. By the way.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK BRANDIE BOO:) Anyways, when we teach Allaric at Lorrie's house, some of the other neighbor kids like to join our lessons. One of the girls, Britney, had a birthday party on Saturday and invited us to it. We decided to drop by and give her a gift of a Book of Mormon and picture of Jesus with some candy. She opened it up and her little sister was pumped about all the candy, but Britney said, "Thank you, I love it! And the best part was that you gave me a Bible." Basically my heart broke in half because how tender hearted this little girl is and how excited she was to get a Book of Mormon. I have definitely learned why we are commanded to be like little children.
4. WEDDING PLANNERS: here's the moment you've all been waiting for. My lifelong dream of planning a wedding was accomplished on my mission. the Elders have been teaching this couple who needed to get married before they got baptized #TheStruggle. Since they are boys and don't know how to plan a wedding, Sister Day and I somehow got put in charge. Let's just say that I never wanna plan a wedding, ever again! It's so much work! But it all turned out and Rainee and Lonnee were so happy and cute and they are getting baptized this week! YAY FOR MARRIAGE!

have a great week.

Sister Turpin
Sister Day is a UTES fan... but I have forgiven her.
we had to rep BYU and Utah for the big game last Saturday.
even though BYU lost... I'm still loyal to my cougs!

The cutest boys ever.
Allaric, Alldric, and Aric --- try saying that 3 times fast!