Thursday, October 13, 2016

Week 68


the transfer is officially over. can you believe it?
Here's our transfer doctrine: Sister Day is leaving Springfield to go follow up train her grandbaby in Webster groves. she's pumped, but we will definitely miss each other! and I will be staying here in Springfield and getting Sister Kikkert as my companion. Sister Kikkert was one of the sister I was an STL over when I was in O'fallon so it will be fun to be companions. I'm excited! 

Transfer calls are always the most exciting part of the week, but here are the other things that happened.....

1. THE PRIESTHOOD IS REAL: Sister Day got sick and asked the Elders for a blessing, of course they willingly gave her one. During her blessing Elder Thorsen said "Heavenly Father has blessed you with a loving companion who has your back. Make sure to talk openly to her and she can help you." Even though the blessing was to help Sister Day I felt like God was telling me that we are assigned our companions for a reason. I love all my companions and know that they are inspired. Plus the power of the priesthood is real because Sister Day was able to make it through the day and get feeling better. 
2. TIME FOR THE TEMPLE: We have so many less actives coming back to church and it is SO WONDERFUL. We've been working with Sharon Bailey and this last week she told us "I think it's time for me to get back to the temple." We were like YUSSSS SHARON. The temple is always the goal.
3. CHURCH TOUR: the missionaries decided to have a church tour/movie night this last week. but first of all, I wanna give a shout out to Walter Rhoades, THE BEST WARD MISSION LEADER EVER. he's so great and helps support us missionaries so much. We had an open house of the church with the different auxiliaries explaining what they do and how the church works. afterwards we got to watch the movie 17 miracles. everyone loved it and it was a great night! 
4. THE POWER OF AN INVITATION: I have learned how powerful a simple invitation can be. We've been working with our investigator Tiffany and asked her who she knew that we could share this message with and she invited her friend Aundie to come listen to the lessons too. We are teaching both of them now and they were both at church on Sunday! YAYAY. They are the cutest girls. I love the youth. 
5. PREACH MY G: we have a preach my gospel fireside monthly with our ward and it is so bomb. the ward members have so much fire to share the gospel, they just don't know how so that's what we're here to help with. it was cool because during our discussion one of the members raised her hand and said "I've been married to a nonmember for 30 years and nobody has ever tried to fellowship him or introduce him to the gospel." OKAY WHAT. I think we all as a ward realized that there is much work to do even within our own members. also, my best advice to all of you members is to STUDY PREACH MY GOSPEL. i love that book! 
6. BYE BYE BLIZZARD: ok this is the funniest thing of my life. none of you will probably think it's that funny tho.... so it's been a joke with the missionaries how they hand you blizzards at DQ upside down. I just learned this my first transfer in Springfield. anyways.. Sister Day and I wanted to take a picture holding our blizzards upside down to remember the joke. as Elder Haymore was about to take the picture hers fell out all over her lap and the floor. we were crying we were laughing so hard. MORAL OF THE STORY: never hold your blizzard upside down, leave that to the DQ workers.

that's all.
but seriously. I love you guys.
xoxo Sister Turpin

Elder Robinson goes home today.
we share a ward with him and Elder Haymore. 
our blizzard fail...
what a mess.
We spent the day with the Mahomet sisters.. 
I love these sisters so much!
especially sister Hudson ;) 
Our favorite ZLs, Elder Noyes and Thorsen.

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