Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week 71

okay this week has been a week of miracles.
here are some things I've learned, and some miracles that have happened.
First of all, President Bateman is so inspired! We had our interviews with him this week and they were great. He taught us about setting goals. Basically, I have been setting goals wrong just about my WHOLE mission. ugh. at least I'm learning now though right. we talked about even though we don't know how we are gonna achieve our goals or who is gonna help us achieve them, the Lord does. This is where FAITH comes into play in setting goals. Now that we know that faith is needed to set goals, here is a miracle from this week.
We had our president interviews/ZLT meetings all day Tuesday. In between one of the meetings Sister Kikkert and I went to grab some lunch, we came back and the Zone Leaders and President and Sister Bateman were talking with a lady. Sister Bateman asked if we could come with her to get some baby formula and diapers for this lady, Jamie, and her baby. We of course agreed to come with her and while we were driving in the car, Sister Bateman told us that Jamie had walked into the church on a Tuesday afternoon, when the church is usually closed, and found the ONLY room in the church where President Bateman and the zone leaders were and knocked on it. She needed help and had gotten a card from a missionary a few months ago with the address to the church on it. The elders taught her a lesson with President Bateman there and set up a time to meet later that week. NOW FOR THE COOL PART: So the ZLs knew that they would only have about an hour of proselyting time that day because they had meetings just about all day long. But they felt inspired to set a goal of one member present lesson and a new investigator. They had NO IDEA how they were going to achieve that goal, but Heavenly Father did. He led Jamie to the church so they could teach her. President Bateman just happened to be the member present. MIRACLES HAPPEN WHEN WE ACT IN FAITH. 
Okay sorry I'm a little excited about setting goals, but the spirit has truly taught me a lot this week about goals and faith. This is truly a faith-based work. 
Miracle number 2 of the week: We started teaching Florence last week and this week when we were teaching her we asked her 3 granddaughters if they wanted to join in on the lessons. They all said YES!! After the lesson we extended a baptismal date to all 4 of them and they all accepted! They are the cutest family, we love them and are excited to keep teaching them all and help them progress towards baptism.
Other highlights of the week: 
EXCHANGES! We had exchanges with the Danville, and Rantoul sisters this week. exchanges are always my fav, and they are just the cutest sisters! 
We passed our apartment inspections, and Sister Curtis gave us yummy banana bread!
Wedding Round 2! Another couple that the elders are teaching got married. I guess it's wedding season.
Okay so missionaries have missionary planners, but they are really boring so we decorate them and make them look cute and we call it planner art. well Sister Bateman had a really boring missionary palnner so Sister Kikkert and I did planner art for her and she's been showing it off to everyone all week. too funny :)
Hope you all have a fabulous week.
Don't forget that someone in Illinois loves you... AKA, ME! 
Sister Turpin

I love to see my old companions, Sister Arch!

We love Dairy Queen and I love these missionaries!

The Messervy's are our pool shooting partners for pdays:)

Exchanges with Rantoul Sisters.


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