Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 65

we've had some nice fall weather here that past few days and it's been FABULOUS.
here are some other fabulous things that have happened this week...

1. PDAY WITH THE PRESIDENT: okay, President Bateman is so cool. he and Sister Bateman scheduled a pday to come and hang out with the missionaries! last Monday they came to champaign zone and we all got to go and hang out and play fun games outside and eat some yummy food. we were a bunch of happy missionaries! 
2. EXCHANGES: after our pday with President and Sister Bateman we had exchanges with the Mahomet sisters. we have the best sisters in our zones! I just love all of them so much. Sister Nelson and I met a new recent convert who just moved from  North Carolina. He said he found out about the church through playing clash of the clans.. who knew?? Using social media to share the gospel works! 
3. THE GIFT OF TONGUES: we were finally able to meet with the deaf investigators that were referred to us a couple weeks back. there is a lady in the other ward that interprets for people, but she was unable to come, so Sister Day did her best to brush up on her ASL from high school and I prayed. haha. it was cool to see how the spirit was able to help us teach Water and Sarah, even if it was very simply and we could not communicate very well with each other. the gift of tongues is real! 
4. MLC: it was weird to have MLC in the middle of a transfer since we usually have it the first week of the transfer. when we first started President Bateman told us all to not worry about how we would train our missionaries on the things we would be talking about. he told us to just sit and listen and let the spirit uplift and edify us. it was a nice refreshing break from the busy week we had! President Bateman talked alot about faith and how the course of the Lord is one eternal round. we have to continual be obedient to the commandments in order to make our faith grow and in return the Lord will bless us with the spirit. cool stuff! we always have a testimony at the end of MLC and one of the office elders stood up and said "I'm not sure if I'm allowed to bear my testimony, but I just wanted to say what a great blessing it is to be around all the leaders. I know you are all inspired because of the spirit you carry." AMEN. I love the leaders in this mission and am so grateful to get to work side by side with such great missionaries. 
5. TESTIMONY MEETING: church on Sunday was so great! I LOVE TESTIMONY MEETING. my two favorite testimonies... 1. Doug: he is a returning less active that we meet with every now and then. he's been having a lot of problems lately and every time he asks us a question we answer it using the BOM. he stood up and bore his testimony of how the BOM can solve any problem we have. that's right Doug! "Feast upon the words of Christ" 2. Brother Minor: he shared his experience of how he is working to quit smoking. he told everyone that he knows God is a God of miracles because he hasn't smoked for 6 weeks now and has been off the nicotine patch for 2 days and doesn't even have a desire to smoke. Sister Day and I wanted to cry we were so happy! 

I love Springfield, and being a missionary, and my companion.
this is the best work anyone could ever be apart of.

Sister Turpin 

Selfie @ president's pday. 
shout out to my parents for giving me a selfie stick. i use that thing so much!!

Sister Hudson and Sister Nelson.
we have too much fun with exchanges!


Some of my favorite missionaries at MLC