Sunday, November 20, 2016

Week 74


Okay, this last week was literally a piece of heaven.

1. ENDURING TO THE END: I had one of the highlights of my mission this last week. everybody remember the Carrillos from O'fallon? They are some of the greatest people I know. Brother Carrillo got diagnosed with congestive heart failure, kidney failure, and cancer about 3 weeks ago. They had their date set to go to the temple and they said that they were going no matter what. Sister Arch and I got permission to go to the temple with them. It was such a special day. We walked into the chapel of the temple before their endowment session and saw all of our O'fallon family. We sat in front of the bishop and his wife and she leaned forward and said "It's like a piece of heaven seeing you girls here today with the Carrillos." The spirit was strong and I realized that even though I am away from my family, I have lots of family here in MSLM. 
2. BACK AT IT: so we had exchanges with the Mattoon sisters this last week and I got to spend the day with my past companion Sister Arch!! I truly love all of my companions from my mission and it's so fun to be reunited and teach again together. We had lots of fun together! Plus, we got to see Elder Lindsay too so our little squad from O'fallon was reunited. Lil Turp & A$AP ARCHIE, back at it! 
3. SABBATH DAY: we had 4 of our investigators at church yesterday! That has been the most we have had all transfer. Florence came with 2 of her granddaughters, and also we had Rose come. It was great! They all enjoyed it and said they want to come back. 
4. TRANSFER CALLS: the most excited day of the transfer. fortunately sister kikkert and I will both be staying in springfield. WOOOOOO. 

i love you all. xoxox Sister Turpin
Our district picture, love these guys.
Temple with the Carrillos
The Carrillos mean so much to me.
THE SQUAD BACK AT IT. (Minus E. Handley... RIP)

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