Sunday, December 11, 2016

Week 77

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week and I hope that you all did as well:)
here's what happened.....
1. DORY: we are really excited about teaching Dory! Heavenly Father has definitely been preparing her to hear the gospel. She invited us over for dinner and we taught her the plan of salvation and invited her to be baptized on January 7th and she accepted! When we were leaving she told us that her 4 year old son Wyatt said, "I love when the sisters come over, they help me feel closer to God." HOW CUTE!!!! 
2. CALLED TO REPENTANCE: we had Brother Tanner and Brother Gonzalez from the missionary department come visit our mission this last week and we had a special MLC so they could teach us to be better missionaries. Brother Tanner said, "The reason I am here is to call you all to repentance." At first we were all like oh no... we are in trouble! But then he read the definition of repentance in the bible dictionary and it says that repentance is a fresh view of ourselves and the world. So really they just came to help our mission have a fresh view of doing missionary work and it was great! Right when I feel like I'm figuring out how to be a missionary I learn that there are lots of things I can be better at. Good thing for repentance :)
3. THANKSGIVING: we had a great thanksgiving spent with a few different members. I am so grateful for the ward families that i have been able to love and serve. plus we ate lots of yummy food;) 
4. EXCHANGES: we went on exchanges with the mattoon sisters, Sister Arch and Sister Desmond! I love that I get to spend time with my old companions after I leave them. For real all of my companions are my best friends. Plus I get to learn lots from these great sisters! 
Well, I love you all.
Have a great week!
Sister Turpin
Last time with Sister Hill - love her!

I love Sister Kikkert and am grateful for her!!


i love my archie!! 

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