Sunday, November 20, 2016

Week 75

i feel like November is just flying by! 
here is what happened this week....

1. FINDING DORY: no, not the movie. we actually found an investigator named Dory! and it was a huge miracle. we went to contact a referral we had received and when we parked the car we saw Allaric and his brothers outside. we were so confused because they live in Riverton and we were in Springfield. of course the boys run up and yell "the sisters are here! can you come teach us a lesson? come teach Dory and her kids." turns out that Dory was babysitting the boys and she ended up asking us if we could come over to teach her and her kids, she has 6 kids all under the age of 7. so we taught the first lesson and we are going back this week. It was truly a miracle! also, Allaric helped teach most of the lesson and it was so neat to see how strong this little boy's testimony already is. 
2. PERSONAL REVELATION: we had the coolest experience with one of our less actives this week, Rosalie. We visited her earlier in the week and she was really depressed so we talked about Christ and his atonement. she called us a few days later and invited us to come over again. she had made a complete change from when we had seen her early that week. she was happy and told us that she loves the spirit we bring when we come visit. we told her that all she has to do to feel the spirit is to pray and read the scriptures. we had a really spiritual lesson with her and invited her to come to the adult session of stake conference that night and she came! and the best part was that everything we had talked about with her that day was brought up at stake conference that night. It was just a second witness from the spirit to all of us and she definitely recognized it and could feel the spirit. I LOVE THE SPIRIT.
3. PRIESTHOOD POWER: Sunday afternoon we got a call from Florence and she told us that she was in the ER. we asked her if she wanted a blessing and she said yes. we met up with the elders at the hospital and they gave Florence a blessing. the spirit was really strong in the room and afterwards Florence goes, "I feel funny." hahaha we asked her if it was a good feeling and she said yes and we explained to her that it was the spirit. after that her granddaughter Destiny said, "I want you to bless me like that too!" it was cute and I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood. It is real! 
4. MLC: pretty sure I say this every time... But I LOVE LOVE LOVE MLC. it's just so great to see all of my favorite missionaries and to feel the spirit so strong and receive counsel from our leaders and revelation from the spirit. President Bateman got to carry the Olympic torch back when the Olympics were in Utah. He shared his experience with us and talked about how he had to "guard the flame." He compared this to missionary work and how we need to guard our flame of faith. Also, another thing he talked about was that our missions are more than just 18 or 24 months. It might just be because I'm going home soon, but this really stuck out to me. The things I learn while I am on my mission aren't just for my mission, they are for my entire life.

have a happy Monday :)
Sister Turpin 

This is mine and sister bishop's last transfer....
but we are finishing with our torches lit;) 

All the STLs with the Batemans and the torch.

I GOT TO SEE BABY HILL AT MLC. we were super stoked.
also, i love Sister Hulme. 

Visiting Florence in the ER, poor thing!

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