Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week 72

our mission's pday got switched to wednesday because of the temple trip, super weird to have pday during the middle of the week, but we are enjoying it:)
well I feel like SO much has happened! 
here's the update for Springfield:
1. CHALLENGE FROM THE APs: every monday we talk with the assistants on the phone and they ask how they can help us and give us suggestions how to improve. well this last week they gave us a challenge to invite every person we teach to a specific date on the first lesson. we were not too sure about it at first, but of course we took the challenge. and cool part was, IT WORKED! at the end of the week we had set 8 baptismal dates. WOOHOOO. thank you APs.
2. RECENT CONVERT FIRE: I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but this ward has the best recent converts EVER. Rainy got baptized about a month ago and we take her to alot of lessons with us. she is so great! we started teaching her mom this last week and it's cool to see Rainy bear her testimony to her mom of how the gospel can bless her life. once you feel the joy of the gospel, you can't help but share it with everyone!
3. DELIGHTFUL SABBATH: This last Sunday was quite delightful for two reasons: 1) It was the primary program. everyone knows how much I love little people, and the spirit is always so strong hearing them sing and bear their testimonies. 2) FLORENCE CAME TO CHURCH. She brought 3 of her grandkids with her and they all loved it. everyone was asking her if she would be back next week and she said, "yes, I will be here!" 
4. DO YOU WANT SOME SPAGHETTI SAUCE?: okay so last night we went to visit a less active member. she gave us 2 big ole containers of spaghetti sauce, no noodles, just sauce. we left her house and had an awkward half hour before we needed to be home for the night. so we decided to find some homeless people to give the spaghetti sauce! by the way, springfield has ALOT of homeless people. so we drove around and found 2 nice men and asked them if they wanted some spaghetti sauce. They were so appreciative and grateful and of course we shared a Book of Mormon with them. I always feel so great when I can help out others who are in need. It makes me really grateful for all the thing I do have. 
5. "I SAW A PILLAR OF LIGHT": last week we met with Jessica, who we were teaching a few months ago but her life got crazy busy and we weren't able to meet for a while. well, we started teaching her again and when we visit this week she had a friend. of course we invited him to listen to our message. We shared the restoration and Sister Kikkert began sharing the first vision. All she said was, "I saw a pillar of light." and Jessica's friend Wes goes. "WOW." it was pretty cool. She continued on and finished retelling Joseph's account and the spirit was strong. 
have a great week.
Sister Turpin
We went on our tour of Abraham Lincoln's home.

Lorrie made us chocolate gravy and biscuits... SO GOOD.
we love these boys! 

We ran into Felicia walking down the street.

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