Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 60

The best month of the year. Am I right? I might be a little biased since it is my birth month;) 
Highlights of the week include....
1. EXCHANGES: sometimes I feel like I never get to spend time with my companion, but it's okay because exchanges are fun and I always learn so much! I spent the day with Sister Hudson, who is one of my favorite human beings, on Tuesday and then Sister Mainord on Wednesday. Sister Mainord and I were teaching one of our investigators Felicia. We read out of 3 Nephi with her when Christ came to the Americas. She was eating it up. It was so great! Felicia doesn't quite believe in the concept of "one true church." While we were teaching her, Sister Mainord said, "As missionaries we make bold claims, and one is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true and living church on the earth. We know that is a bold statement and we would never want you to take our word for it, and that is why we invite you to pray and ask God." I sometimes feel intimidated making such bold claims to people, but that is our purpose as missionaries. To help people know of truth. The way we do that is to teach them truth and have them pray and ask God. 
2. BOM CHALLENGE: so we have this awesome RC couple, Lorrie and Andy. I've probably talked about them before... anyways we were visiting with them and Andy told us that he had just finished reading the BOM. I asked him how he felt and he said, "I feel like I need to read it again." What a great answer!! I told him that I had just started reading the BOM again and was almost done with 1 Nephi. Well later in the week we get a phone call in the morning from Andy. He said, "Sister Turpin, what chapter are you on?" I told him that I had just finished the 2 chapter in 2 Nephi and he tells me that he is in chapter 8 of 2 Nephi. OKAY ANDY, I see you. hahah so now we have a challenge of reading the BOM, but i'm pretty sure he is going to beat me. oh well!!! if you haven't read the BOM yet, I highly recommend it. 
3. MOMMA REED: okay everyone, remember a year ago when I first came to Missouri and my first companion was Sister Reed, well she served in Springfield and came back to visit this week. I got to see her for a little bit and meet her dad. It was so great! happy family reunion!
4. WE GOT A COUCH: if you've never been in a missionary apartment, they don't always have the best furniture. In our apartment we didn't have any couches and our table was about 2 feet from the floor so we ate sitting on the ground. Which isn't really a big deal because we really aren't home that often. But on Wednesday we got a call from the office elders and they told us that they were bringing us a couch and a table. WE WERE PUMPED!
5. BANANAS AND SPRITE: I woke up Friday morning with a migraine and feeling super sick. I took some medicine and the Elders came and gave me a blessing and I started feeling better but not 100%. Sister Day wasn't feeling the greatest either and the elders had  told us that if we drank a can of sprite and ate a banana it would make us throw up and we would feel better. of course we had to try it....... 
6. PREACH MY GOSPEL: I have loved every ward I have served in, but this ward is super missionary minded. it's great! Oh by the way... not sure if i've ever said this, but we share a ward with the zone leaders. anyways... a month ago they started doing a preach my gospel fireside for the ward members to help them know how to use preach my gospel to be better member missionaries. We had one yesterday and it was awesome! Our ward mission leader said at the beginning of the meeting that there were 21 people that morning in sacrament meeting that were a direct result of missionary efforts or the ward's rescue effort to find lost sheep. 21 PEOPLE. that is amazing!! 
7. REVELATION IS REAL: this last week Sister Day and I were kind of frustrated with our investigators and the area and we had a little bit of a pity party..... but then we decided we needed to do something about it but we just didn't know what. Sister Day had read her patriarchal blessing during studies and shared a part with me that talked about praying and working for the things she wants and God will bless her beyond her fondest imaginations. Well I decided to pull out my patriarchal blessing and read a part that said to pray because Heavenly Father desires to bless me and will give me all the righteous desires of my heart. basically our answer was PRAYER. We came to the realization that Heavenly Father knows how to help us, our investigators, and the area. All we need to do is ask him for His help, and then of course go to work. so if you ever don't know what the answer is.... PRAY.
Have a great week! love you alllllllll.
Sister Turpin 

I have no pictures,my SD card deleted them.

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