Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 64


this last week was BOMB. but i'm so glad it's over!

here's what happened.....

1. EXCHANGES: President Bateman wants us to do exchanges a little differently this transfer. instead of one of us staying in springfield and the other going to the sister's area, both sisters come to springfield and work in our area. It's super fun and we are able to get alot of work done. Plus we get to have a sleep over with all 4 sisters! WOOOOO. I love it. This week we had the Mattoon and Rantoul sisters with us.
2. ZONE CONFERENCE: the best part of the transfer! after each zone conference I find myself so drained because they are spiritually exhausting. I always learn so much. The Batemans talked alot about principles. A principle is an eternal truth. Our missions are full of us learning principles. The cool thing is that when we go home, these principles won't go away because they are ETERNAL. Everything we learn on our missions will benefit for the rest of our lives. Cool huh?
3. JUST COME TO CHURCH: one of the biggest struggles of my mission is getting people to church. this week we had Allaric come to church! He loved it. After primary he asked us if we would show him the baptismal font where we he would be baptized. so cute! Our ward mission leader's sister, Kelli, that we have been working with came to church too! YESSSSSS. When you come to church you will feel the spirit.
4. INSPIRED PLANNING: sometimes planning can be a struggle as missionaries because we have to fill every hour of every day with meaningful activities. Sister Day and I have really been trying to listen to the spirit so that we aren't just planning random people to see, but people that Heavenly Father needs us to see. we hadn't seen one of our recent converts, Elnora, all week and we decided we should stop by to visit her. She told us that she had a rough week and when she said the closing prayer she said "God, thank you for sending the missionary girls to me. you knew that I needed them today." That's when you know you are following the spirit!
5. SAMUEL THE LAMANITE: We have to come up with creative things when we teach our recent converts, the Quinlan girls because they are 11 and 13 and have short attention spans. We decided to read a story from the BOM and act it out with them. We read Samuel the Lamanite and had each of them act out being Samuel standing on the wall and preaching to the people. They thought it was the greatest thing ever, plus they invited their neighbor friends to come do it with us! 

happy monday.
                         With the Quinlan girls and their neighbor friends!
We were a little too excited to have a sleepover:)with Sister White and Sister Desmond on exchanges!

We gave a training on the armor of God and having a successful DM, so we made Elder Noyes model for  us ;)

Zone conference 

President Bateman wanted to selfie with the sisters:) 

HELLO Lincoln!!

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