Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 59

HAPPY PIONEER DAY. (1 day late)
How is it already the last week of July?? Time goes faster and faster each week....
Last week adventures for Sister Turpin and Day include :
1. NEVAEH: So we have these AWESOME recent converts, Lori and Andy. They are super solid and love the missionaries and doing missionary work! Lori has a granddaughter Nevaeh who has been wanting to take the missionary lessons for a while, but it hasn't been able to work out. This last week Sister Day and I were able to start teaching her. YESSSS! Teaching kids is my favorite. It was super awesome too because when we were teaching her things she said "I remember some of this from the missionaries teaching my grandma." We invited her to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and the next time we saw her she said that she did and she felt good after she prayed. "Ask and ye shall receive."
2. EXCHANGES: This week we had exchanges with the Mattoon sisters. I spent the day in Mattoon with Sister Desmond. They have this 90 year old investigator, Claira. She is the cutest thing! Sister Desmond and I went to go and see her. When we got there, Claira told us that she was too tired to read so we decided to watch the restoration DVD with her. It's about 20 minutes long, but super powerful. We popped the movie in and started watching it, at the part it got to the first vision I was feeling the spirit so strongly, thinking of what we would say to Claira afterwards when I hear Sis. Desmond say, "She's asleep." LOL. I looked back and Claira was straight knocked out on the couch. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. poor thing, she really was tired! But even though Claira fell asleep, it was a testimony to me once again that the restoration of the gospel did happen, and that Joseph Smith is a prophet. 
3. JESSICA: She has been pretty sick this last week and wasn't able to come to church. She had mentioned to us that she wanted a set of scriptures like everyone else has at church (a quad). So Sister Day and I decided that we would surprise Jessica and buy her her very own quad. We stopped by during the week to drop the scriptures off. She was so happy and cried when she opened them up. It was cute to see how important these scriptures were to her and it always makes me feel so happy when I get to serve people. 
4. PIONEER DAY: Our ward had their annual pioneer day festivities on Saturday. The invitation said to come dressed up if you want. SO DUH, we had to dress up. I'm all about that! We searched high and low and were able to find some pioneer bonnets. When we went to the church there was probably only 6 other people who had dressed up.... LOL. We still had a good time though! Also, shout out to the pioneers for all the sacrifices they made so we could be blessed with the gospel. 
5. FAMILY HISTORY: There are lots of ways to do missionary work and one of those is family history!! WOOO. The church has these really cool family history pamphlets that we have been trying to fill out with people. We saw the Minors last night and Brother Minor is working towards the temple. He is the sweetest person ever and I just want to adopt him as my grandpa. He always gives us a big hug and kisses our foreheads when we leave. Anyways, we started filling out the pamphlet with him and this week we are taking him to the family history center. We are excited and so is he!! 
love you all.
Sister Turpin 
Happy Pioneer Day!!
Exchanges with the Mattoon Sisters

We taught Nevaeh at her grandma's house while she was swimming. hahah she's so cute!!
                                     The other little girl is her cousin Niyah.

Pulling the Elders in our handcart!

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