Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 62


okayyy, first thing's first. TRANSFER DOCTRINE. all day long on Saturday sister day kept saying that she felt like she was gonna leave so we were super nervous. we got the call around 7 and she was shaking so bad she couldn't hold the phone. hahah poor thing. but... WE ARE BOTH STAYING. wooooooo! we were so happy and can't wait to spend another transfer together. 

here's what happened the rest of the week....

1. BIRTHDAY SASH SAVES THE DAY: we went to try to visit this less active, Missy, and as we knocked on the door she came out and told us that she was actually just leaving to go pick up her daughter because it was her birthday. I told her we had something for her daughter and ran to the car to grab the birthday sash my mom had sent me in a package the week before. we gave it to her and told her to give it to her daughter. after that she said, "you know what, I have a couple minutes. why don't you girls come in?" SERIVCE SOFTENS HEARTS PEOPLE. we were stoked. we went inside and asked her if we could teach her the missionary lessons again and she agreed. shout out to momma turp for the birthday sash that saved the day.
2. MEMBER MISSIONARY: basically this ward has the best recent converts EVER. I love all of them so much! Elnora is one of our recent converts and we went to visit her this week. she asked us if we had any pass along cards we could give her so she could put it on the doors of the people who live in her apartment complex because, "they need Jesus." hahah. it was so cute! plus she invited one of her neighbors to come over the next time we visit her! 
3. REACTIVATION: we have had alot of less active members that we are working with and it's AWESOME. and the best part is alot of them are progressing and coming back to church!! Our ward mission leader, Walt, has a LA sister and he and his mom have been praying for her to come back to church. She hasn't been to church for about 30 years but she told Walt that she wants to come back and start meeting with us. We met with her this week and talked about the restoration and she told us that she has read the BOM every day for a month and wants to work her way back to coming to church. We told Walt about it and he was super pumped and said that this is an answer to his family's prayers. just another reminder that prayer works, even if it takes 30 years for a prayer to be answered. 
4. ICE CREAM SUNDAES: Lori has these cute little neighbor boys that we share lessons with sometimes and they are adorable. we planned this lesson to teach them about keeping the sabbath day holy, so we made ice cream sundaes! we put lots of yummy toppings on one ice cream sundae for the good things we do on sunday, and then we put gross toppings on the other for things we shouldn't do on sunday. they loved it, plus we got to eat ice cream. it was a win/win for all.
5. HELLO FELICIA: we had a pretty good lesson with our investigator Felicia this last week and talked about our purpose and how we want to help her but she needs to do the things we ask. she has a hard time reading the BOM or praying about things we ask her to. she took everything really well and told us that she would pray and read. a couple days later we were driving down the street and we saw Felicia on her front porch READING THE BOOK OF MORMON. we were gonna pee our pants we were so excited. ha! but seriously. it was a miracle!! 

that's all for this week.
the transfers seem to go quicker and quicker.

good luck to those starting school.

Sister Turpin 
Selfie with SisterDay

FHE with the best people ever

Ice cream sundaes with the boys!

Our last district meeting, I love all these missionaries!

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