Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 61

We had a 'TURNT UP' week. In honor of birthday week. WOOO. 🎂

here is what happened...

1. DISTRICT IS FAMILY: anybody who's served a mission can agree with this statement. every single district I have served in I have loved and that's because we are all family! we had a bomb district meeting this last week and talked about how we need to have the same vision as our companion as we go into a lesson. I also realized that the people we are teaching need to have the same vision as us or neither of us will be able to achieve the goals we have. Sister Day and I really took a look at our teaching pool and decided we needed to let go of some people... it was hard. but it will be good and now we have more time to find solid people! yay. 
2. "I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL I'M 8": We have these cutie recent convert girls, Baylee and Savanna Quinlan. They are 10 and 13. We teach them every week and it's my favorite because I get along with children so much better than adults. well they have a younger sister Destanie who turned 8 this week and we told her that she can get baptized when she turns 8. when we went to see them Destanie told us she's going to ask her parents if she can take the lessons and get baptized. WOO. we gave her a princess birthday crown and talked about how she is a daughter of God and what that means. yay for birthdays, especially when you turn 8!
3. MINI MISSIONARY: the moment i have been waiting for all summer, MINI MISSIONARIES. last summer the best weeks of my mission were the weeks with our mini missionary. it's my favorite!! so we got our mini missionary on thursday, her name is Olivia and she is adorable! i felt like we didn't have very long with her, but we had lots of fun! 
4. MLC: the most spiritually uplifting and draining meeting ever. I feel like every time I go to MLC I hear exactly the things I need to to help motivate me for the next few weeks. one thing President Bateman said was to "hear the things that aren't said." AKA - we need to listen to what the spirit is saying to us because that is what we need to learn. lots of good stuff! 
5: TOO MUCH COMP UNITY: lol k this was probably my favorite part of the week. so we knock on this door and a lady answers and sister day says "Hi, my name is sister turpin and we wanna share a message about Jesus Christ..... " and the whole time I'm standing there thinking... "wait, my name is sister turpin." hahahahha the lady wasn't interested and afterwards I started laughing and sister day asked me why and I said "well you told that lady that your name was sister turpin" she was like "wait, did I really?" lol she didn't even realize it. it was SO FUNNY. probably funnier in the moment... 
6. CHARITY: i have gained such a strong testimony of charity, the pure love of Christ, since I have been a missionary. we are teaching this couple, Felicia and William. Felicia is a sweet heart, William not so much. He usually doesn't sit in on the lessons and just likes to argue but we decided to start showing lots of love to William and it is AMAZING the change that has happened in him! We always tell Felicia we love her when we leave but this week I told William that we love him too and he told us that he loves us and he is willing to come to church. "Any trial in our life can be solved by CHARITY, the pure love of Christ" Moroni 7:46 
7. SEE YOURSELF IN THE TEMPLE: we had a lesson with the minors and listened to the talk "see yourself in the temple" from this last conference. they loved it. we wanted to make them a mirror like the one in the talk but all we had were these ginormous sun glasses, so we decided that would do the job. we gave it to brother minor and he told us he would wear it to church and he totally did. HAHAH. we were stoked to see him! he was proudly showing off his new glasses and letting everyone see his goal to work towards the temple. i love that man!! 
8. YOU'VE HAD A BIRTHDAY: I had a birthday, shout HOORAY. Birthdays on the mission are the best. I was happy to go to church and have the opportunity to fast and hear other people's testimonies. it was great! plus one of the elder's investigators gave me a cool wooden cheetah statue thing. SCORE. I saw it at her house on Monday and told her I loved it and then at church on Sunday she gave it to me and said Happy birthday! I was pumped. thanks to everyone else who wished me a happy birthday. I love you all! 

this is the last week of the transfer. i'm pretty sure i will stay in springfield, i'm hoping sister day will stay with me. pray for us ;) 
Sister Turpin

A member from our ward is from Pocatello!

Breaking down walls with Andy!

Exchanges with Taylorville and Mahomet

With the elders and our ward mission leader Walt after our fireside

At MLC with President Bateman and all my favorite sisters!

Our cute missionary Olivia.

Happy Birthday to me!

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