Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 63

I am so not excited to start school today...
OH WAIT. I don't have to go to school, because I'm a missionary. #WINNING
but, happy first day of school to those who started today ;)

the weeks always fly by and our days seem to jumble together, but here is what happened:

1. SHARE THE FRUIT: alright so we were teaching a less active, Sharon Bailey, and read the vision of the tree of life. if you aren't familiar, go and read 1 Nephi 8. We were talking about how when we partake of the gospel we are partaking of the fruit of the tree and it fills us with more joy than we can ever imagine, so obviously we want to share this joy with others. after that we asked Sharon who she knew that we could teach the gospel to and she told us to visit one of her friends who lived in the same building, plus SHE WENT WITH US. It was so awesome. she came knocking on his door with us and sadly he wasn't there, but she gave us a few other doors we could knock on in the apartment building and spend about 20 minutes with us trying to find someone we could teach the gospel, and share the fruit with. when we are filled with the Love of God we will want to share it with EVERYONE.
2. THE POWER OF PRAYER: we officially starting teaching Lorrie's neighbor boy Allarich! his other two brothers aren't old enough yet, but they still listen to the lessons. it's been so cool to see the changes in these little boys since we first met them. none of them wanted to pray the first time we asked them to, but this last week all 3 boys were fighting over who got to say the opening and closing prayer at the lesson. We also taught them the restoration and at the end of the lesson we asked Allarich to say the prayer and asked if Joseph Smith was a prophet. Afterwards we asked him how he felt and he said he felt good and happy. That's the spirit!!
3. ROLE PLAYS: so i'm pretty sure i've complained about role plays a few times in my emails before.... but as much as i hate them, i love them even more! Sister Day and I role played teaching a lesson to one of our investigators in the morning for comp study and then at district meeting our district leader had us role play teaching the restoration. That same day both of the lessons we taught to our investigators went very similar to the role plays we had done that morning. Because we had practiced, we were prepared.The spirit is so real during role plays!
4. REFERRALS: we got this call from a guy and he told us that the missionaries had been working with this couple in Normal, Illinois but they had just moved to Springfield. He told us that the couple had been to church 3 times and been meeting with the missionaries for about 2 months. every missionary loves getting a call like this! but there's a twist.. they are both deaf. we contacted them on Saturday and we were able to communicate through the daughter interpreting for us. we set up another appointment and are excited to work with them. Sister Day took ASL in high school so we are praying that the gift of tongues will come in handy for us. wish us luck! 



Teaching the boys the plan of salvation, love them!

Allrich is my best friend, he is the cutest thing ever!!

With one of the young women.. Brianna Korte:) she came out with us for the day!

We talked the zone leaders into switching cars with us....CHECK OUT OUR SWEET NEW RIDE ;)

Sometimes we go swinging for comp. inventory!

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