Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Week 55

What a beautiful Missouri view!

We got caught in the rain!
Temple day with Sister Bishop and Audre  - love them!

Pday bowling with these beautiful Sisters!

HEYYYY FAMILY. what a wonderful week!
1. I LOVE ROLE PLAYS: okay so we have to do a lot of role plays as missionaries so we can practice and become better teachers. so we decided to do a role plays with the carrillos when we went over to visit them this week. sister arch was a missionary with them and they were teaching me the gospel of Jesus Christ. it was so awesome to see them bearing testimony of how the gospel has blessed them. afterwards brother carrillo said, "you know what? that made me realize that we need to go out and teach with you more." WOOOOO. that's right. member missionary work! plus brother carrillo blessed the sacrament for the first time this sunday. they are doing so great and still working towards the temple!
2. TEMPLE DAY: best day ever! the temple trip was this week which means i got to see all my favorite people that i came out with!! it was so wonderful. i got to carpool with my MTC companion, sister bishop. the session started at 12:30 but we could go earlier to do other ordinances if we wanted. we got there around 10 and did initiatories, which didn't take too long. we had an hour before our session and sister bishop goes, "let's go do baptisms!!" in my head i was thinking "for real? i curled my hair this morning and i really don't wanna get wet, we didn't bring anything to get ready afterwards." but then after 2 seconds i said, "k fine. let's do it!" i'm so grateful that we were able to spend the whole morning/afternoon in the temple doing work for the dead. THEY ARE WAITING. plus it was a neat experience to do baptisms, confirmations, initiatories, and an endowment session all in one day. i love the temple!
3. FAITH: we taught our girl allison about faith this week. we read alma 32 and talked about how we need to plant the seed and let it grown and continue to nourish it so our faith can grow. allison really wants to come to church but she has some family issues that are kind of getting in the way of it. it's been frustrating for all of us! but it's okay. we talked about fasting with her and she asked if we could all fast together to see if she will be able to come to church sometime soon. that's right girl! keep exercising that faith!! 
4. RIP ELDER HANDLEY: our beloved district leader is going home today. the missionaries in our district have all gotten pretty close, it's sad to say goodbye! for our last district meeting elder handley gave some "dying advice." 1. keep the commandments and 2. trust in God and the atonement. we watched a video called missionary work and the atonement. i felt the spirit SO strongly. it talked about the Savior and all the hard things he went through and how we shouldn't complain when our missions are hard. of course they are going to be hard, it wasn't easy for the Savior, so why would it be easy for us? Elder Holland said, " of course a mission will be difficult, because salvation is not cheap" i love this gospel and i love being a missionary, even when it's hard. 
5. LOST SHEEP: okay this is nothing spiritual at all.... but it's a funny story so i'mma tell you. thursday night sister arch and i go back to our apartment at 9 and i go to unlock the door and our apartment key is gone. FOR REAL? we were like oh no what are we gonna do. so we call sister curtis and she tells us she will go to the mission office to see if they have a spare key and we could get it from her. in the mean time we went to the church to wait and 30 minutes later sister curtis called us back and said "sorry girls, i've been making bread, elder curtis is just getting to the mission office i'll let you know if the key is there" we were like really sister curtis? choosing bread over missionaries locked out of their apartment?? lol we weren't even mad. long story short, we met up half way got the key and started heading home, but we accidentally typed in the address to the mission office and we didn't realize until we got there at 10:30. we eventually made it back home that night at 11. we were pooped! 
6. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES: a couple emails ago i told a story of meeting a member, michelle who joined the church in vegas and moved here 3 years ago and hasn't been to church since she's moved. well we went over to meet with her this week and started teaching her boyfriend and daughter! her boyfriend david doesn't  have a strong belief in God but he told us that he is super open and willing to learn. YAY. we are pumped to teach them! i love people who have open hearts and are willing to learn. 
can you believe june is almost over?? where does the time go?! 
it's already the last week of the transfer. i can't believe it!! we meet our new mission president on friday and find out what is happening next transfer on saturday. it will be an exciting week. the anticipation is killing me. lol. stay tuned for next email to find out how everything goes:)
Sister Turpin 

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