Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 58

This past week FLEW by. Legit. We were super busy with meetings and exchanges so that always keep us busy. Here is what went down....
1. PRESIDENT INTERVIEWS & ZLT: every other transfer we get to have a one on one interview with our mission president. It was good to get to know President Bateman a little better. He told us to come prepared with questions about our investigators and areas. I asked him how we can help people once they are baptized to stay on track. He gave me the idea of not only setting baptismal dates with people, but also setting baptismal dates for the temple! I thought this was the coolest thing ever! Baptism is a goal we set, but the temple is the end result. Also, because of the way President Interviews were set up, Sister Day and I ended up giving our training 6 times.... Poor Sister Bateman and Sydney who had to listen to it all six times. LOL. 
2. EXCHANGES: okay so basically the best part of my week was getting to see one of my past companions and BFFs, SISTER HILL. wooo! We had exchanges after ZLT and she came to Springfield with me. It was just like old times being together again. But it was cool to see how we have both grown and changed. That's what I love about the mission! You are always growing and changing. We got to teach Lorraine and we talked about her baptism date. She told us she knows she has to get baptized "under the priesthood" but she still has a few concerns.. So we invited her to pray and see if God wants her to get baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She said she would do it! 
3. EXCHANGES ROUND 2: Right after we exchanged back with the Danville sisters, Sister Day and I headed to Rantoul to go blitz the sisters area with them. I spent the day with Sister Favero. We had about 20 minutes left in the day so we decided to knock a few doors around a referral we had contacted earlier that day. The first door we knocked on no one was home, but there was a girl walking down the street not too far from us. We decided to go and talk to her. We ended up giving her and her husband a BOM. They had a cute 2 year old son and told us we could come and teach them later in the week. I'm always amazed how Heavenly Father leads us to where we need to be at the right moment. 
4. JESSICA: She has been prepping for baptism on July 30th. We taught her about repentance and the word of wisdom yesterday. She set a quit date to stop smoking for August 1st, which means we had to push her baptism date back a few weeks. She chose August 27th. We all feel much better about her new date. Neither of us feel rushed or like we have to cram all the lessons in a short amount of time. Heavenly Father works in his own timing, not the way we want it. 
5. REFERRALS: Sister Day and I have been blessed with quite a few referrals this past week. Our investigator Lorraine told us she wanted us to go and visit her sister, Versula. We were able to teach her the restoration this morning and it was great! She told us she will pray and read from the BOM. Also, our recent convert Victoria has a new foster sister, Kayla, who just moved in with her. When we went to visit Victoria, she told us that she wanted Kayla to take the lessons. WOOOOO. Finding people to teach becomes a lot easier when people give you people to teach. Heavenly Father sure has been blessing us.
Well, that's all for this week.
Love you all. Stay safe, have fun!
Sister Turpin
Exchanges with the Danville sisters. Reunited with Sister Hill, love her!

Exchanges with Rantoul Sisters!

Missouri has lots of corn fields!

This is the largest covered wagon in the world... just hanging with my homie Abe Lincoln. 

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