Saturday, June 25, 2016

Week 54

Hello family. happy Monday!
here are the highlights of the week -- 
1. last exchange of the transfer: i got to spend the day with one of my favorite sisters, sister hudson!! she got baptized a couple years ago, is the only member in her family, and is now on a mission. get it girl! missionaries like her are such an inspiration to me. we stopped by to see patrick and he told us that his neighbors were giving him a hard time and saying bad things about mormons. so we went over to their house with him to clear things up. we told them that we believed in Jesus Christ and the bible but we also believe in the book of mormon. we offered them copies and they wouldn't take one. they told us that they knew it wasn't true. we asked if they had ever read from it and they said no, but they knew it wasn't true. it makes me so sad that people are so hard in their hearts that they won't even read a book that is another testament of Jesus Christ. the only way to know if the book of mormon is the word of God or not is to read it and pray and ask God. i can promise that anyone who does those two things will come to know for themselves that the book of mormon is true. 
2. teaching new people: finding people to teach is something we do all the time as missionaries. sometimes it's harder to find, but we were able to start teaching a 12 year old boy, Justin. his mom Jamie is a less active member. they moved here a couple months ago and she said we could start teaching him the lessons. he's come to a couple youth activities and loved it! we taught him the restoration and invited him to baptism and he said yes. woooo! 
3. Allison called us her best friends: i don't know what it is, something about being a missionary, i just love everyone i meet so much and connect with them in such a short amount of time. charity is a real thing! we stopped by to visit a member who lives right across the street from Allison, when we were about to get out of the car Allison pulled up in the driveway and said "girls! i'm so happy you're here. come inside!" we went in and talked with her and she opened up to us a lot. she told us how she was nervous to go to church by herself and what others would think and she felt bad for not coming on Sunday. we shared some scriptures with her and helped her feel loved and she says "you know, you two are my best friends." awhhhh. it was so tender. WE LOVE HER. God always blesses me with the best people in my life. 
4. Heavenly Father answers prayers: okay so Thursday our phone stopped working and usually we wouldn't care because nobody calls/texts us anyways.... but we needed to get a hold of the Missouri river elders to get the stop smoking workshop from them because we were doing it with a member that night. anyways, we didn't know what to do. so we decided to say a prayer and head over to their apartment and hope that we would run into them on the way there. it was a huge leap of faith and the odds were slim that they would actually be home, but we did it anyways! so we got to their apartment and parked the car and waited for a couple minutes. after a while we looked at our phone and saw that it was working. so we called them and they told us that their back door was unlocked and everything we needed was right there by the door. we got the stuff and got back in the car and our phone was back to being broken for the rest of the night. so even though God didn't answer our prayer the way we thought, he still answered it. he is always listening! 
alright, that's all!
I hope you all have a fabulous week.
Sister Turpin 
We love this girl, Allison!

Allison, baby Carl and Abbie. The cutest family :)

Sister Hudson taught me how to be a thug!

Sister exchanges, Sister Hudson, Hulme, Arch and me

Sister Reed sent me a cheetah head obviously I needed to get in all my cheetah gear!

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