Thursday, October 13, 2016

Week 66

read below to find out what....

It's so hard to decide what to put in my weekly emails each week. I feel like I write a lot, but just so you are all aware I probably only tell about 25% of the things that happened.

1. EXCHANGES: okay yeah, we have exchanges every week so it doesn't seem like it's that exciting. but I really just love them! I got to be with Sister Rindlisbacher for the day. She has only been out for about a month now. It made me reminisce on my greenie days as a missionary. I wish I could go back!!
2. "THE SISTERS ARE HERE": I would be lying if I said that I didn't have favorite investigators as a missionary. Right now our favorite person to teach is Allaric, mostly because he loves us and is super eager to learn. We were pulling up to Lorrie's house for our lesson and all the boys were outside. Allaric was riding his bike and saw our car and yelled down to his brothers, "THE SISTERS ARE HERE, THE SISTERS ARE HERE!" It was the cutest thing ever. Sister Day and I felt very welcomed and loved. He is doing great and on track for baptism next week!
3. BIRTHDAY WEEK: I swear, everyone has a birthday in September. By the way.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK BRANDIE BOO:) Anyways, when we teach Allaric at Lorrie's house, some of the other neighbor kids like to join our lessons. One of the girls, Britney, had a birthday party on Saturday and invited us to it. We decided to drop by and give her a gift of a Book of Mormon and picture of Jesus with some candy. She opened it up and her little sister was pumped about all the candy, but Britney said, "Thank you, I love it! And the best part was that you gave me a Bible." Basically my heart broke in half because how tender hearted this little girl is and how excited she was to get a Book of Mormon. I have definitely learned why we are commanded to be like little children.
4. WEDDING PLANNERS: here's the moment you've all been waiting for. My lifelong dream of planning a wedding was accomplished on my mission. the Elders have been teaching this couple who needed to get married before they got baptized #TheStruggle. Since they are boys and don't know how to plan a wedding, Sister Day and I somehow got put in charge. Let's just say that I never wanna plan a wedding, ever again! It's so much work! But it all turned out and Rainee and Lonnee were so happy and cute and they are getting baptized this week! YAY FOR MARRIAGE!

have a great week.

Sister Turpin
Sister Day is a UTES fan... but I have forgiven her.
we had to rep BYU and Utah for the big game last Saturday.
even though BYU lost... I'm still loyal to my cougs!

The cutest boys ever.
Allaric, Alldric, and Aric --- try saying that 3 times fast!


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