Saturday, June 25, 2016

Week 53

it's nice and sunny and HOT today here in Missouri. 
This week we....
1. taught a new couple! Paul and Sarah. Sarah just had a brand new baby 2 weeks ago, he's the cutest little thing. We met them a few weeks back and gave them a BOM and they told us we could come back. We finally got to meet with them and teach them the restoration. Every time we share the account of the 1st vision I feel the spirit so strongly. After we taught it, Paul goes, "Wow. That feels good." I am so grateful for the spirit that testifies to people of truth. We are excited to keep teaching them! 
2. went on exchanges. WOO. I got to be with Sister Kikkert for the day! We exchanged back at the St. Peter's sisters district meeting. It's fun to get to go to other district meetings. One of the Elders gave a training on developing the faith to find. One of the things that stuck out to me was that God is always preparing people to accept the gospel so that is why we should share it with everyone we know. You never know who is ready or prepared to hear the gospel!
3. watched a movie with Allison. don't worry it was a church approved movie;) we went over to her house and she said, "girls, I'm not gonna be able to be baptized in July." we were like oh no.. where is she going with this? but she told us that her husband is gone right now and won't be back until october and when she told him she wanted to get baptized he said that he wanted to get baptized with her! so she is excited. even though we have to wait a little bit longer for everything, i know it will all work out. we watched the restoration dvd with her and she loved it. She told us that every time we go over she just feels good and happy. we told her it's not us, it's the spirit!! 
4. went to temple tours. My new favorite part of the month! This month we brought Sister Calderon and her cute daughter Nancy to the temple. Sister Calderon is working to get to the temple so we wanted to take her to the tour. We drove down with the two of them and as soon as we pulled into the parking lots she says, "Welcome to Heaven." AMEN SISTER. I love the temple. Even just being on the grounds, I feel the spirit so strongly.
5. went to temple tours AGAIN: We also took the Carrillos later that day. They are hoping to get sealed in the temple by the end of this year. I CAN'T WAIT. They let us take the people we brought into the front foyer of the entrance of the temple just so they can peek inside. It was so awesome. We were standing in there with the Carrillos and this family walked in with some other Elders and the husband looked over at his wife and said, "Do you feel that? It feels different. It feels good." It was so great to watch them experience the spirit you feel in the temple. once again, I LOVE THE TEMPLE.
have a fabulous week.
Sister Turpin 

p.s. here is the link to our rap from the talent show. ENJOY:) 
Exchanges with the St. Peters Sisters, Sister Mainord and Kikkert

With Sister Calderon and her daughter Nancy

The Carrillos!

We are such posers, I love Sister Arch!

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