Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week 52

Hey family!!
It was another great week here in the MSLM. 
Sister Arch and I were finally able to have a lesson with Allison this week. Our mission has been focusing on inviting to baptism and setting dates so we were hoping to set a baptismal date with Allison. During the lesson her kids kept walking in and distracting us and then we tried to watch a DVD with her and we had so many technical difficulties and we were about to give up on inviting her to be baptized. But at the end of the lesson the spirit came in and we extended the baptismal invitation and set a date for July 30th! GO ALLISON. it's amazing what happens when we invite people.
We had our zone conference this week. I wish that everyone could go to a zone conference because they are the best meetings ever! The spirit is always so strong and you learn so much. Sister Arch and I gave a training on preparation. We shared the story of the 10 virgins in Matthew 25 and how we never know at what moment we will need to be prepared so we should be prepared ALWAYS. Sister Morgan talked to us about trials and how we shouldn't pray for our lives to be easier but we should pray for the strength to handle the trials we have been given. I love this. This was our last zone conference with the Morgans so there were a few tears shed but Sister Morgan reminded us, "The best is yet to come." We have the rest of our missions and lives ahead of us and should be looking forward to it. I can't wait to see what's in store these next six months!
Also since it was the Morgan's last zone conference, Sister Morgan talked President into letting us do a talent show. YEAAAHHHH. Everyone knows how much I love talent shows;) hahah so we have been prepping for this for a few weeks and my district AKA the squad, as we like to call ourselves, decided to make a rap. So Elders Lindsay and Handley made a sick beat and wrote a rap and we performed it. The office Sisters, Sister Kroupa and Gore loved it so much that they came down to O'fallon and made us re record it so they can post it on youtube. hahahahah. when they send the link I will send it in my email. Don't worry... I'll remember you all when I'm famous;) 
We have miracles happen every single day as we are doing the Lord's work, but here is my favorite miracle of the week. We were looking at the ward list picking names that we should go and visit and people we hadn't met yet. And we picked one name, Michelle Griffin. We knew nothing about her so we didn't know what to expect when we knocked on her door. She answered it and was super friendly and nice and then told us she had joined the church in Vegas but she hasn't gone to church since she moved out here 3 years ago. She told us that she was just talking with her daughter the day before about going back to church and then we showed up. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. and His timing is always PERFECT. She told us we could come back when they get home from vacation in a few weeks and her boyfriend and kids are willing to listen to the lessons too. YAY!
On Saturday we had an opportunity to "save the world" as Sister Arch described it:) There was a project set up by an organization, Kids Against Hunger. We got the opportunity to go and help pack bags of food to sent to children in Haiti. It was so awesome. There were lots of people there from the community of all different faiths. I love seeing how people can come together despite their differences and help those who really need it. 
We had Stake conference this weekend and it was all focused on the temple. It went perfectly with our MLC last week and our focus on eternal life. The Stake's theme this year is "All Things Temple." The Stake President said that if the stake focuses their efforts on the temple everything else will fall into place. It's so true!!! There was a young woman probably 13 years old who gave a talk and told everyone how her and her family had found 1000 names to take to the temple but they needed the help to do the work. I was amazed and so inspired by this young girl!! THE YOUTH OF THE CHURCH ARE AMAZING. way better than what I was when I was that age. We have youth in our ward who are family history workers and love indexing names. It's wonderful. Plus we got to see President and Sister Morgan again. <3
I hope everyone is enjoying summer!! I'm starting to get a nice watch tan line.
Sister Turpin 
President and Sister Morgan - love them!

Helping Haiti kids against hunger
Sister Kroupa and Sister Gore - they work in the mission office.

The Squad #mormonrap

Sharing Idaho Spuds with all my Missouri Friends! Thanks mom 

Sister Bishop, Sister Williams - I love my MTC girls!

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