Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 51

we started our day off by running a 5K. lol. so the 3 wards that share our building with have a
 tri-memorial day picnic and 5K every year. the members told us that the missionaries always run it. so naturally we had to. we instantly regretted the decision 2 minutes into the run.... but we finished it in 39 minutes. not too shabby eh? after we cleaned up and showered we went back to the park for lunch and fun and games. we are a little exhausted from playing in the sun all day. but it was a good time! Hopefully every one else has enjoyed their day as well :)
This last week FLEW BY. 
There is a cute young woman, Katelyn, in the Missouri River ward who has been wanting to come out with us for a few weeks but our schedules just haven't work out. This week we FINALLY were able to take her out with us. I wish that I would have went out with missionaries before my mission. I mean 1. Missionaries are super cool and fun. am i right?;) hahah and 2. it totally prepares you to go on a mission. the youth out here are wonderful and always ask if they can come to lessons with us. we LOVE it! When we were with Katelyn we stopped by Allison's house who we haven't been able to get a hold of for a couple weeks. Allison was outside and told us she got a new phone and number so that's why we hadn't heard from her. It was a relief to hear that. She told us that she wanted to do another "jesus session" next week. hahah. 
okay the rest of my email is gonna be about MLC from last Friday so i'm sorry... but so much good stuff went down I have to tell you all about it.
So for MLC we got a text to meet at the temple at 9 in the morning. We usually meet at the Frontenac building at 10. The other sisters told us that they were gonna take the leaders on the temple tour so we could see what it was about and invite more people to come to it. Of course it was pouring rain in the morning. but we were all smiley and happy at the temple with our umbrellas. Sister Bishop and Kikkert took us on the tour. Even though the weather was not cooperating, you were still able to feel the spirit as they talked about the temple and being on the temple grounds. It was great!
After the tour we were all just kind of waiting around under some shelter from the rain. President Morgan was talking to us a little bit about the temple and what a blessing it is and the spirit that comes. Well then him and Sister Morgan told us that we were going to do a session RIGHT THEN. we were all freaking out!! like seriously we were so excited. and nobody knew about it! they had kept it a secret from every one, even the assistants. so we all ran in the pouring rain to our cars to grab our temple recommends and do a session. oh it was wonderful! I'm so grateful for the temple and the peace it brings. From this experience I learned that we ALWAYS need to be spiritually and physically prepared to attend the temple. You never know when your mission president is gonna surprise you with a temple session! 
After our temple session we went to the mission home for lunch and then finished our meeting at the church building. The theme of this transfer is enduring to the end. A temple session was the perfect way to bring the spirit for the whole day. The temple is our ultimate goal, that is how we continue to endure to the end. We had some good trainings and will have our zone conference this upcoming week to give those trainings to the rest of our zones. 
This is President and Sister Morgan's last transfer #CRYING. I love these two so much. It's hard to explain the love you have for a mission president and his wife. And it's hard to think of having a new mission president and wife to love. The Morgan's both talked about leaving, and were emotional about it. President Morgan told us that he has talked to President Bateman, our new mission president, multiple times. He was in tears as he told us that we will be in good hands. I felt the spirit so strongly and know that both men have been called of God and are inspired to help me be the best missionary I can be. The Missouri St. Louis Mission and all the people I have met here are the reason why I love being a missionary. It will be hard to say bye to them, but good things will come from it as well! 
This week I hit my year mark... I can't believe how fast time has gone by. Hopefully it will go slower these next 6 months. 
I hope everyone is enjoying summer. make sure and get a nice tan for me;)
Sister Turpin 
I hit my 1 year mark on June 3. I love to see the temple.
We all came out together, hitting our 1 year mark.
We were so happy to be at the temple!
After running with the Elders!

After the exhausted! This is Brielle the bishops daughter, she's a cutie!

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