Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 29

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas! It was awesome to see and talk to my family. It was a little weird having a "day off" from being a missionary but we enjoyed it. Our mission got to watch any G or PG movie Christmas day so we were excited about that! Sister Henrie and I watched Frozen, Inside Out, Home, and the 1 Direction movie. oh yeahhhh. it was the best!! We get to watch movies again on New Years Eve so we are pumped for that! thank you President Morgan.
Other exciting news... I GOT TO CALL SISTER HILL LAST WEEK!! So Dennis got baptized last Sunday and I was too far away to be able to go, but I got permission to call Sister Hill to see how it went. It was really good to hear from her and to hear about the baptism. Dennis and Sister Moore are awesome and I can't wait to come back in a year when they get sealed in the temple!!
We are teaching a lady Terisa and her three kids, Isiah, Shaniah, and Zanirah. They are the cutest kids ever!!! We helped Terisa move this week and they were such a big help. We taught Terisa and the kids the plan of salvation last night and she goes "why do you even teach about the terestrial and telestial kingdoms? We only want to go to the celestial!" It was cute. They don't have a car so it's hard to get them to church. the struggle is REAL! but we are working on it:)
On Christmas Eve we got to hang out with the Rantoul Sisters. It was so fun! We had district meeting that morning and then they got permission to stay with us the rest of the day since we were done at 3 and they didn't have plans for the night. We all went caroling with the Tillman's from our ward. It was so fun to see people's reactions when they opened the door to see us signing. it was awesome! We ended up seeing Chiquita and Stan that night too. They are a couple we are teaching that remind me alot of Rose and Steve! We had a good conversation with them and Stan asked us alot about our missions and why we decided to serve. He told us that he thinks by the end of our missions we will be the people who benefit most from it. I could not agree more! I feel like I have benefited way more from my mission than any of the people who I have taught. That's why I love being a missionary. It has helped me to realize how I want to live my life and what kind of person I want to be! 
I hope that everyone has a great week!! Love you all!
Sister Turpin
We helped a family move, this is Zaniryah.

Merry Christmas!

We spent the day with the Rantoul sisters, Hulme, and Orme.

Christmas PJ's and pillowcase from Grandma Christensen, love!

Sistter Hauffa gave us Christmas Stockings, plus we spent Christmas day with their family.

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