Thursday, December 24, 2015

Week 28

I can't believe Christmas is on Friday! It especially doesn't feel like Christmas because there is no snow here in Danville. As much as I hate the snow.. I'm hoping we will have a white Christmas. Probably won't happen.. but I can still wish:)
SO here's the 411 on what happened this last week...
The Sullivan Girls!! Okay so the week before I came here 4 girls, Alyssa (12), Becka (17), Paige (11), and Rachel (12) were all baptized. They are the sweetest girls!! We have been going over to teach them the recent convert lessons. Monday night we talked about what it means to have a testimony. We told the girls that sharing your testimony is just telling people what you know is true. They all wrote down their testimonies and we had a mini testimony meeting. It was awesome. Rachel's testimony was probably my favorite she said "I know God and Jesus love me and I know that the Book of Mormon is true and whoever doesn't think so is wrong." hahah it was cute! It was powerful to be able to see these young girls say what they know is true. Plus I love being able to teach kids instead of adults, it's refreshing!
Sister Henrie and I have really been trying to help our gators to keep their commitments. It's especially hard with the holiday season because it seems like people are too busy to read or pray or come to church. Well we decided to drop in and see one of our investigators Natalie to see if she has been able to read. We went over there and we met her friend Abrion who told us that she had met with the Elders before a while ago and she wants to meet with the missionaries again. YAY! Blessings come from following up on commitments:)
We are teaching this lady Kim.. and well she is a little bit crazy. But the good thing about Kim is that she always leads us to more people to teach! We helped her move this last week and one of her son's friends was there helping too. We talked with him for a little and invited him to church and he said that he might come some time. The next time we met with Kim her other son was there, Wallee. He said that his religion is Islam and he was talking to us about the Koran and trying to get us to read it. We taught him the restoration and he told us that he feels alot like Joseph Smith. We invited him to pray and read the Book of Mormon to know if it is true. He said "what if i already have a feeling that it is true?" haha we are meeting with him again next week so hopefully we will be able to answer all the questions he has! 
So the sisters have been visiting a less active, Ed for quite a while now. He has some health problems so he has a lady, Heather, take care of him. The sisters recently started teaching Ed the missionary discussions and Heather usually just works around the house and sometimes listens in. Well no Thursday after we were done teaching Ed, Sister Henrie out of no where says, "Heather, I have a question for you." I was like oh man.. what is she going to ask her. and then she asked, "do you think we could start teaching you the missionary lessons?" The best part is Heather's answer. She said YES!! it was so cool!! I love sister Henrie because she is not afraid to ask people scary questions. Being bold as a missionary is so important! We are so excited to be able to teach Heather!!
Here's something funny for y'all: We were teaching Quita and asked her how her reading in the book of mormon was going and she goes, "yeah i've been reading about Lebron and Lamar and all those guys." We were like wait... what? You mean Laman and Lemuel? and She said "yeah I couldn't pronounce their names so I just started making up my own names. HAHAH. we were laughing so hard! 
Last thing... we went to Amish Country here in Illinois for Pday this morning. It was legit! We met up with Sister Anderson and Sister White and got to tour an amish farm. We met an amish girl named Marilyn. she was super nice to us! It was weird they had horse and buggies driving down the road. I can finally cross that off my bucket list:) ha! 
Things are going great here in Danville! I know I say this all the time.. but I really do love being a missionary. Especially at this time of year! I hope that you all enjoy your Christmas and I know my family is excited to see my cute face;) lolol kidding. 
Sister Turpin
P.S. Thanks to everyone who has sent me Christmas cards/packages. I super appreciate it and love you all!! 
Merry Christmas from Sister Henrie and Sister Turpin

We crossed over into Indiana, got a picture!

Our Amish tour buggy. 

Our Amish tour guide and friend, Marilyn.

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