Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 9 We Crashed The Car!

We had quite the eventful week this week!! Tuesday started out super great. We were able to have Audre come out with us for the day which we always love. Lessons seem to go better when we have members there too! We taught 4 lessons that day and were able to pick up 2 new investigators to teach that we are super excited about!! Anyways that night we were driving down the road and there were these people on their porch swing swinging SO HIGH! Like it looked like they were gonna fly off the porch! well so we all got a little distracted and looked at them and Sister Reed happened to be turning while it happened and turned a little too much and BAM! She ran into a parked truck. So it was kind of a bummer and we felt super bad about the whole thing but we figured it all out and nobody was injured at all so we felt really blessed! 
So Wednesday we started our adventure of having no car. I have so much respect for missionaries who don't have a car their whole mission and walk everywhere. I could not do it!!! We decided we were gonna make the most of our situation and we were gonna walk to Bonne Terre which is about 3 miles away from where we live, not too far right? Well we got about half way and we were DYING! but it was nice because there was a breeze pretty much all day so we know that God was looking out for us:) Anyways we were almost half way there when this super nice lady Denney pulled her car over and asked if she could give us a ride. We gladly accepted and were so thankful to her, she was definitely an answer to our prayers! We were able to get rides from members for the rest of the day which was nice because we were so worn out from walking that morning!
Thursday we had district meeting and thank goodness for the kind thoughtful elders in our district. We asked them if we could use their bikes because we don't have any, well they gave us their car instead and they have been on bikes for the past few days. Bless their hearts!! Also they felt bad for us and baked us a cake to celebrate birthday week! (sis. reed and I both have birthdays this week!) We were super grateful to them and are glad that we have figured everything out and been blessed through the whole situation. 
The week ended good though with Sister Reed's birthday on Sunday. We decorated our apartment with balloons and streamers to celebrate so that was fun! Sadly none of our investigators came to church. It's so hard to get people to church sometimes!! This week we have really been focusing on the Book of Mormon and how we can use it more in our teaching. The BOM is so awesome and we can really learn so much from it. We have had lots of blessings and miracles this last week and are excited to have another great week! hopefully we will have no more car crashes;) woops!
Sister Turpin
The wreck!

The Elders baked us a cake, how sweet!

District lunch!

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  1. Happiest of birthdays you beautiful missionary! You're doing such a great job!