Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 11 Eat the AWKO TACO

Hello Family/Friends!
I hope that everyone has been enjoying the last few weeks of summer! It's super nice not having to worry about going back to school this fall, the perks of being a missionary:)
This last week we had Zone Leadership Training down in Cape Girardeau. I always love when we get to meet together as groups of missionaries, it's the best! The sister training leaders had us reread our mission call letters together and it was so cool. The spirit that we felt in the room was so strong! I haven't read my call letter since I opened it in February, so it was a good reminder of what we are expected and trusted with as missionaries. Then the Zone leaders talked about how missionary work can be awkward. IT'S SO AWKWARD! But they taught us how we need to embrace the awkwardness and talk with everybody we see because that is our job as missionaries. One of the Elders told everybody to just, "eat the awko taco" haha so that's been our motto this week! Since then, Sister Reed and I have had SO MANY awkward situations! But it's okay because we just embrace it:) we always joke that we don't know the difference between awkward and normal anymore. 
So Wednesday we tried our best to talk to everyone we saw and we saw so many good things come from it! Sister Reed had to use the bathroom and so we stopped at a nearby gas station, while she was using it I was filling up my water bottle. Well this lady came up and started getting a soda so I started talking with her. She noticed my name tag and asked about it and I told her how I was a missionary and what we did and all that good stuff. She goes, "Oh can I just give you a hug?" It was really sweet! anyways she wanted to learn more, so after Sister Reed came out of the bathroom we went outside to talk with her and gave her a BOM and talked with her for probably a solid 30 minutes. It was really cool, she said "I usually would never give people like you the time of day, so I don't know why I feel like I need to sit and talk with you now." We exchanged info with her and hopefully will be able to meet with her this week! Good things come when we open our mouths and talk with everyone we meet!!
We haven't been able to meet with a lot of our investigators this week because people have been busy with summer ending and school starting, but we were able to have a good lesson with Ron. He is really our only investigator who is progressing right now. He set his baptismal date for November 14th because he said he wanted to be sure of everything. Well this week he said "Am I gonna be baptized into your church? yeah probably.. Am I gonna do it sooner than November? Yeah I can see myself doing it sooner too." It was cool! We are still working on solidifying his testimony more and helping him make those steps towards baptism! 
One last thing that I heard this week that I super love: Sometimes we want to know everything about the gospel at once, but that is impossible. We have to learn a little bit at a time. Just like you don't have to eat a whole pie to know if it's good, you don't have to know everything there is to know about the church to know that it is true. It all starts with one bite! 
Hope everyone has a great week and good luck with school starting! Love you all:)
Sister Turpin

Posterity picture! Sister Haderlie trained Sister Reed so she is my "Grandma"

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