Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 8

It's been another great week here in Potosi! We were able to have another mini missionary with us again this week. Her name is Briana Coppieters and she is from Cape Girardeau. It's so fun having a mini missionary because they are just so excited about everything and their faith is so strong!! 
One example of her faith was on Friday night we had planned to meet with a recent convert Christian. Well Christian texted us that afternoon and said he wasn't going to be in town that night and couldn't meet with us. We went on with our day doing our usual thing and got a call from Christian around 6 saying that he was going to be back in town that night and wanted to meet with us. After the phone call Briana told us when Christian had texted us earlier that day and said he couldn't meet with us that she had said a prayer that we would be able to meet with him. How cool her prayer was answered!! I love seeing the outcomes when people exercise their faith!!
One of the highlights of our week was Thursday. It was one of those days when literally ALL of our plans fell through!! We had even had a dinner appointment that cancelled on us. But it was great because we knew that Heavenly Father had a better plan in mind for us! So we rearranged our schedule for the day and went and worked in Bonne Terre and it was great! We tracted into a woman named Tina and when she answered the door Sister Reed explained who we are and asked if she would like to know more about our message and Tina said "sure come on in." THIS NEVER HAPPENS!! We were so shocked/excited. We were able to meet Tina and her daughter and 3 of their friends as well. Tina told us that her sister had actually just married a man who was a member of the church and she wanted to know more about it and we were like YES this is awesome!! We set up a time to meet with her next week and are so excited about it. Also when we were in Bonne Terre trying to find people to teach we ran into a man named Squirrel. Only in Missouri.. hahah but Squirrel was way friendly and he said we could stop by another time to talk with him. It's so cool seeing how Heavenly Father leads us to those people who have been prepared!
On Friday we helped a member extract some honey. He has his own bees and hives and asked for our help extracting the honey and gave us some to eat. It was super fun and the honey was declicious:) I'm just doing all sorts of new things on my mission!! But the branch members are awesome and I love this area and am grateful to be serving with Sister Reed. We are excited to spend another six weeks together in Potosi!!
XOXO Sister Turpin
p.s President Morgan said the pool party was a good idea but probably never gonna happen. He told Sister Reed that they can have a pool party in his place in Farmington next summer but I will still be here in Missouri:( 
Briana Coppieters mini missionary with Sister Turpin and Sister Reed for the week 
Breanne putting honey in the jar.

Sister Turpin and Sister Reed with the honey they helped can.

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  1. What fun and exciting things you are getting to do on this mission! Will continue praying for your investigators, and for you and your companion to find many more people to teach so they can enjoy the blessings of the gospel! Love your pictures!