Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 12

Hello family and friends! It's been another great week here in Potosi! I hope that everyone back home is having a wonderful first week of school:) 
One of my favorite parts about being a missionary is all the service that we get to do! People are able to feel your love for them as you serve them and in return you feel more love for them as well, it's the greatest! On Tuesday we were able to go pull some weeds for our investigator Ron. His whole fence was basically covered in weeds, it was crazy. But we had a good time working in the heat and he really appreciated it! Also, we helped our other investigator Julie clean out her basement because she is planning on moving in the next few months. When we left she said, "thank you guys so much, you really don't know how much I appreciate this. I just love you girls!" I always love hearing when our investigators tells us they love us because we love them SO MUCH!! 
We also met with Rose and Steve on Tuesday night. Rose told us that she wasn't quite feeling the whole "mormon thing" and didn't know how she felt about the plan of salvation last Sunday. So we went over to their house and talked about it with them and backed up everything we taught with bible verses because her husband Steve LOVES the bible. It was cool to see them understand it better and hopefully we can help them learn and understand more! They are the cutest couple though. They gave us like 50 cookies when we went over. not kidding! They told us to take them when we left so we have a bag full of cookies at the apartment. They always tell us how much they respect what we do and that we are always welcome at their home. I just love the people I get to meet out here!
This week we have dropped a few of our investigators because either they have not been progressing or we just haven't been able to meet with them because of busy schedules. So we have been looking for more people to teach which has been great. There are always people who are searching for the truth, we just have to find them! Sometimes it can be hard when we are unsuccessful after tracting for a few hours, but it's okay because the Lord blesses us for how committed we are to do his work. As long as we are obedient and faithful, he will bless us in his own time! 
So transfers are in two weeks and I am not looking forward to it because I love all the missionaries in our district so much! We have district meeting every Thursday and then all go to lunch together after, and this week we decided to do a potluck at the church and then have a talent show. Guess who's idea it was for the talent show, yes mine:) you know how much I love talent shows! Anyways we had a great time and the Elders had a funny talent and Sister Reed and I rapped for them. Missionaries can have fun too!
Friday night we met with one of our Less Actives named Tracy. She's been telling us that she's been feeling herself on the path leading her back to coming to church again so we are excited about that! We decided to read from the BOM with her and she was so funny about it. We asked where she wanted to start and she said I usually just close my eyes and flip to a page and read there, so that's what we did! It was awesome though because after we read the chapter she goes, "yep, that's exactly what I needed to hear." I love how the spirit can give us guidance no matter where we read as long as we are seeking with an honest heart! Afterwards she told us she loved doing that so much and she wants to meet every week to read from the Book of Mormon together. We were like um YES we would love to do that!! It's cool seeing people be able to regain their testimonies. There is power in the BOM!! 
On Saturday we got a new investigator! WOOO!! His name is Haden and he is 21. He had been meeting with the Elders from Fredericktown but moved into our area so we get to teach him now. He has a solid testimony and wants to get baptized so we are hopefully gonna set a date with him this week. He also came to church yesterday which we were happy about because it's been so hard to get any of our other investigators to come. 
I love this work so much and am beyond blessed to be able to be a missionary! I hope everyone back at home is doing well. Thanks for all the love and prayers.
I love you all!
Sister Turpin 
Pulling weeds for Ron

Cool kids, district meeting!

I'm holding a tiny lizard!

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