Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 10 Birthday Week

Thanks for all the birthday wishes/cards/letters/packages. Birthdays on the mission are just the greatest! I can't believe I am 20 years old now, bleh!
Anyways, we had another super awesome week here in Potosi! We got a referral last week from the Sisters in Colombia, Illinois. This lady Rose cuts hair at the great clips there, but lives in Bonne Terre so one of the sister missionaries was getting her hair cut and they got talking about the gospel and next thing you know Sister Reed and I are knocking on her door and teaching her about the gospel! Referrals are the best because they are usually people who are super interested and searching for answers. So we were able to meet with Rose and her husband Steve (they are probably in their 50s) and teach them twice this week! They are so nice and funny. They want to feed us dinner this week when we meet with them which is way nice! We are meeting with them again tomorrow and getting fed, which we always love:) haha but she has lots of good questions and is confused about which way to go regarding religion. so we are hoping we can answer her questions and help her find the truth!
Okay so do you remember the sweet lady Denney who gave us a ride last week when we were carless and walking to Bonne Terre? Well we decided to do something nice for her and leave thank you notes on her front door. Right when we were about to get out of our car she pulled into her driveway! She got out and was so excited to see us and goes "oh I've been looking for you girls and praying that I would get to see you again!" it was the sweetest thing ever! we told her we just wanted to leave a little thank you note and she invited us in to chat for a little bit. she is pretty set in her Baptist ways but she is still so sweet. she called us her "sisters in Christ" we liked that:) also she found out it was my birthday that Friday so she offered to take us to lunch. she told us we can call her day or night if we ever need anything and wanted us to make sure we told our family that she was keeping an eye out for us! she's the sweetest!
We also had an awesome lesson with our investigator Julie K. She was taught previously by missionaries but then got really busy and stopped meeting with them. so we've been meeting with her recently and we talked about the lessons she had in the past and what she remember. she told us she didn't remember much but she did remember one time the missionaries had her pray to know if this was the true church and she said she did and she got the best feeling ever and can't explain it really but that she's never felt anything like that before. we were like YES THAT IS THE SPIRIT!! it's so hard to recognize the spirit in our lives sometimes. We have been working on helping the people we teach to recognize when they feel the spirit and what that means. The spirit is key!!
Saturday was our mission wide "finding day." As a mission we made it a goal to find as many new investigators as possible. Sister Reed had remember this kid Kenny who told us he lived at apt. 19. So we go and knock and ask for Kenny and the girl says, sorry Kenny doesn't live here. Turns out Kenny lied!! But that didn't stop us. We asked the girl if she wanted to hear about our message and learn more and she let us right in. It was super cool we just taught her about the restoration and she was just taking it all in! She's a little bit younger so we don't know how interested she really is but she told us we could come back so we were excited to be able to find a new gator on finding day! WOO!
I hope that everyone back at home is doing well! Remember that worldly things can only bring us temporary joy but spiritual things can bring us eternal joy.
Thanks again for all the birthday wishes. you are all the best!!
Sister Turpin
Birthday cake with Sister Reed, finally 20!

Birthday dinner with Audre and Sister Reed.

Birthday package from the Chambers Family, Thank you!

All my presents from my family! I had the best day, thanks!

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