Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week 13

Hello everyone!
I can't believe that August is already over!! We have had another great week! I'm sorry that I say that every email, but every week really is great when you are a missionary:)
We had exchanges this week. Sister Ewell came to Potosi with me this time, and Sister Reed went to Glen Carbon. I was nervous that I was going to get lost without Sister Reed here but I actually surprised myself! Exchanges are fun because you get to learn new things from different missionaries. 
We set a baptismal date for Hayden on September 26th! WOO! He has come to church the past two weeks and is looking forward to baptism. We are excited! We took a member to our lesson with him this week and the member said "I just feel so energized after that lesson, is that how you guys feel after every lesson?" It was so funny! But it's so true, there's nothing like that spiritual high that comes from being a missionary. 
We meet with Ron every Thursday and he always finds stuff from facebook or christian websites to discuss with us so we decided to invite him to read from the BOM more so that we can discuss that with him. We committed him to reading the whole BOM before he gets baptized in November. He said yes!! All week long he has texting us and been saying how he has enjoyed reading and can't wait to meet with us on Thursday to discuss! 
We got to see Rose and Steve last night. They invited us over for dinner, which was so nice of them! It's been a while since we've been able to meet with them because they are both so busy with work. We had a good lesson though and they understand that if they want to know if the things we are teaching are true that they need to do the things we ask them to.. like read the Book of Mormon! The only way to know is by doing!! During the middle of the lesson Steve goes, "you know what I like about the mormons? I like Reed and Turp!" HAH! he calls me Turp. it's super funny! They are like our parents though and feel like they need to take care of us, they sent us home with a ton of left overs! They even invited us to Steve's birthday dinner this week! Sadly we can't go.. but we love them lots!
I just love everyone that I meet here in Missouri. I know that Heavenly Father sent me here for a reason.
We got to have a fun PDay today! We had a member take us up to St. Louis this morning and we went to the city museum. it's crazy! look it up online, i don't even know how to explain it. We also went to this graffiti wall called paint louis and added some of our own art so that was pretty fun!!
Well this is my last week of being trained! Sister Reed will probably be leaving but I will update you all on that next week. hope everyone has a fabulous week.
Sister Turpin
At the St. Louis museum.
Hayden is a firefighter so we took some pictures in the fire truck!

All the sisters who went to the city museum. 

Sister Reed and Turpin at the St. Louis arch.


  1. These are amazing, we now have this on our list of places to go to! Glad you are able to have some good fun while working so hard!

  2. The Lewis and Clark Museum under the Arch is amazing! Be sure you get there before you leave the area!!