Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week 45

Hello Family!
It's been another good, busy week here in O'Fallon Missouri. I said goodbye to Sister Fisher last Monday and got to spend the day with Sister Anderson, one of my favorite missionaries!! Tuesday morning we drove to St. Louis to pick up our new companions. I was way stoked to see Sister Arch. My MTC companion, Sister Bishop, trained her so we knew each other from before. Sister Arch is from East LA. She's only been a member of the church for about 2 years. I've heard her conversion story about a million times now, but it's a good one! It starts off with her joining the wrestling team in high school. If you wanna know the rest you can email her;) So basically we have been having the best time together and working hard! Can't ask for anything else right? 
They opened up a new area in Wentzville which is pretty close to O'fallon, but the sisters apartment wasn't ready for them this week so they have been staying with us. It's been fun having 4 sister in 1 apartment! Sister Hudson and Williams have been staying with us. Sister Williams is actually from blackfoot and knows my grandma and grandpa. small world right? 4 girls and 1 bathroom has been a struggle, but we have loved it! It's been like a week long sleep over:) WOOO! 
We have been teaching Patrick and Priscila for a while now and they both struggle with addictions. We decided to start doing the 12 step program with them from the church. We just started it this last week, but it is so great! I love how it teaches us that we really need to understand that we are nothing without God. There are some things that we truly are not able to do on our own. But the first step is to recognize that we need help. Humility is the hard part. We are hoping that we can help Patrick and Prisicila to overcome their addictions and come closer to the Savior at the same time. 
Friday we had MLC. The topic for this transfer is conversion. Sister Morgan talked to us about what it means to be a convert. She had all the converts stand up in the room, there was about 3, and tell their conversion stories. After she did that she told us that we all should have stood up because we are all converts to the gospel. It doesn't matter what age we got baptized at, we all have to go through our own conversion. I have learned the difference between what it means to have a testimony and what it means to truly be converted. The great thing about conversion, is just like repentance, it's not a one time process. We need to be continually working at it. 
The rest of the week was spent planning for the upcoming transfer and week and the trainings we will be giving. If I'm being honest.. my least favorite part about being a missionary is planning. But it's important and I always love setting goals for how I can become better each transfer and week. I'm looking forward to all the miracles Heavenly Father has in store for us! It's gonna be great.
Keep it real, keep it tight, don't keep it real tight.
Sister Turpin 
Sister Arch my new companion!
Sister Arch wrestled in high school, so she taught me some moves ha ha

Sister Anderson one of my favorites!

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