Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 48

Hello family!
This last week seemed to just fly by. It was so fun to get to talk to my family yesterday. I feel like I have nothing to say since I talked to them yesterday.... but here's the 411 on what happened this week.
1. Untold stories of the ER: so our poor district leader got a bad stomach ache Monday and ended up going to the ER. they thought it was his appendix. so we visited them to give moral support! turns out he just had a bad stomach infection, he's all good now. the next day we got a call from the mission nurse and she told us we had to pick up the lake st. louis sisters to take them to the ER because they were sick too. the first two days of our week was spent in the ER. fun stuff! but everyone is healthy and happy now! I'm the only one in the district who hasn't gotten sick this transfer so everyone says i'm next... but i told them i'm good because i take vitamins every day. thanks mom and dad;) 
2. 11 MONTHS: I hit my 11 month mark this last Tuesday. time is flying. we also had interviews with President Morgan that day. He was talking to me about when I first came out on my mission and some of the thoughts I had about it. It's crazy to look back and reflect how far I've come. I adore President and Sister Morgan. Next transfer is their last transfer, so i'm super bummed about it. 
3. Exchanges: We had exchanges with Wentzville this week. I spent the day with Sister Hudson in Wentzville. She is so great! She joined the church about 2 years ago and is the only member in her family and decided to serve a mission. I admire missionaries like that. She has a super solid testimony. I learned so much from her example! My favorite part of exchanges is learning from all the missionaries I get to be with. 
4. Miracle of the Week: ALLISON!! okay so this was the highlight of our week. we went to go visit a member during the day. we knocked on their door and nobody answered so we went to go back to the car but there was a girl sitting outside across the street. so we went to talk with her. we told her what we do as missionaries and she told us that she feels like she needs us and that she really needs Jesus in her life to be happy. that's right girl!! so she let us right in and we taught her, she opened up a lot and we are planning on seeing her next week. WOOOO. teaching new people is always the best. 
5. Contacting: This transfer we have really been focused on contacting people. we have some friendly competition with our district leader to see who can get the most contacts. we won this week:) anyways I always love contacting people. Saturday morning we were contacting and met this family. the mom answered the door and looked kind of annoyed at first like we were interrupting something but we got to talking and she asked if we prayed and invited us in to pray with her family. It was really cool. Even though they weren't interested in us teaching their family they were still nice and we were able to have a spiritual experience with them. They told us we were welcome to stop by whenever we needed a snack or water or anything. It's good to see that there are nice genuine people out there! 
6. Mother's day: Okay obviously the best part of mother's day was getting to talk to my momma. She's #1. but the other highlight was giving Sister Carrillo a gift. Sister Carrillo was telling us this week how her kids don't appreciate her and she was kind of upset about it, so we decided to get her a present for mother's day because we love her!! we asked her what her favorite candy bar was and she told us snickers and said she wanted an 8X10 of us too. hahah so we went to hobby lobby and bought a cute frame and stuck a picture of us in it. after church we gave it to her and she started crying when she read the card and opened it. it was really sweet. i'm grateful for all the moms I get to meet out here that take care of me! 
welllll... that's all folks.
have a wonderful week.
XOXO  Sister Turpin

ER visit with the Elders, poor Elder Handley.

Another ER visit, poor Sister Parker
Happy 11 months woot woot!

Exchanges with the Wentzville Sisters, we love them!

Sister Hudson, she is the best!

Sister Carrillo - Happy Mothers Day!

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