Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 44

Hello Family! 
I can't believe that the 7 week transfer is already over. Even though it's only a week longer than all the other transfers I felt like it would never end, but like always time just flies by! This morning we drove to the mission home with Sister Anderson and Sister Madsen. Sister Fisher and Madsen are both going home. It was sad to say goodbye! I truly love each of my companions so much.
Alright... now that we are done with the depressing part of the email, here's a quick highlight of the week! Because it was the last week of the transfer the Assistants send out daily challenges to all the leaders just to add some fun friendly competition to the work. Monday morning we woke up to a voicemail challenges from the APs that said we had to wake up and run a half mile before 6:30. Sister Fisher and I put our shoes on so quickly and ran out the door. It was quite the way to start our morning/week off. But it was worth it because we won the challenge! yes, my competitiveness came out just a little bit;) All week long we were keeping track of points and seeing how many BOMs, pamphlets, pass a long cards, etc. we could pass out. It was really fun and a good way to keep us motivated for the last week!
We got to go to 3 different district meetings this week. Even though we have district meeting every week, I love it so much! I always learn a lot and feel the spirit, it's great. Anyways we somehow convinced each of the district leaders to give us some sort of treat. Elder Hubner made us cookies, Elder Quinn gave us ice cream, and Elder Handley gave us skittles. The only one who didn't give us anything was Elder Shelley. We were giving him a hard time about it and so he told us he would have a surprise for us on Wednesday when we came to his district meeting. We showed up and he had made us tshirts that say "Team Shelley" on them and look like an elder's white shirt and tie. ah man, it was the greatest! we were so excited! He definitely won best district leader award!
We started teaching Patricia. She is dating a less active member, Brother Banks. He told us that he wants to start coming back to church and she is interested in learning more. YAY! So we taught her the restoration lesson. We started talking about the priesthood and it was great because Brother Banks jumped right in and talked about how we need the proper authority to do things. I love when members help us teach. Anyways, we invited Patricia to be baptized and she said yes. hopefully we will set a date with her soon! 
Okay so our mission started doing temple tours around the temple grounds. It is so neat! So anyone is able to come and there are missionaries who take us around the temple grounds and talk about the restoration of the gospel and why we have temples and people are free to ask questions. AH, IT'S THE GREATEST! So we got to go with some recent converts, the Carrillos. They are the sweetest. They hit their year mark of baptism in January and are wanting to get sealed in the temple. It was their first time ever on temple grounds and they said they could definitely feel the spirit. Someone asked them if it was there first time there and Brother Carrillo said, "Yes, it's our first time here, but it won't be our last." that's right!! The temple is the best place on earth. The next temple tour is May 14th for those of you who want to come to St. Louis;) 
Alright, last exciting news of the week: TRANSFER CALLS. okay so transfer calls are always exciting but it was 100x funner being an STL. The Assistants call us to tell us what is happening with us and the sisters in our zones, then we get to call the sisters. It was so fun to hear all of their reactions! I will be staying in O'fallon for another transfer and my new companion is Sister Arch, which I am so stoked about! It will be another great transfer.

XOXO Breanne Turpin
I love Sister Fisher. Yay for temple tours!
Our district Sister Parker, Roundy, Fisher, and me.  Elders Iverson, Nickle, Handley, and Buringham

My sweet new ride, the mission van! 


Dropping off our companions at the mission home, sad day. 

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