Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 49

I can't believe this transfer is coming to an end already. We had a bit of a slower week this last week... but that's okay. lots of good things still happened! 
We had exchanges twice this week. Sister Francis came to O'fallon with me on Tuesday. She is so wonderful! (I know I say that about everyone... but we just have the best sisters EVER!) Anyways.. We went out and visited the Carrillos. Sister Carrillo is so funny. She said, "It doesn't matter what missionary comes into my house, you all have a glow about you." Gotta love that missionary spirit/aura that we carry. Sister Francis is more on the quiet side, me not so much. But it was cool to see how she was bold with people without being in their face. Every person she talked to she shared the gospel boldly but in a dignified way. It was great!!
The next day we had exchanges round 2 with the Lake Saint Louis sisters. I spent the day with Sister Orme in her area. Sister Orme was in my district when I was in Danville and she was a brand new missionary. It's crazy because I was at 6 months then and now Sister Orme is at 6 months and I'm almost at a year. It was fun to see how much she has grown and matured as a missionary. We had a crazy night though. Missouri gets some serious storms. Our zone leaders sent a text out that day saying to watch out for the storm and we were like yeah okay because the sky was legit blue and clear so we weren't worried at all. Well that night around 7 the clouds start to roll in and the sky is turning dark and green and it starts pouring and thundering and lightning. So we had to take cover and go in early. Don't worry, we were safe! Just so everyone knows... lightning storms here are the best! 
Thursday we had district meeting and I have converted my district to cheetah print. Elder Handley and Lindsay had a cheetah print bow tie and tie so we convinced them to wear it to district meeting. We all wore cheetah print. We're the most cheetalicious district in the mission;) hahah. and then after lunch Dennis, my recent convert from Potosi, and Sister Moore came to visit! WOOOO! I have been looking forward to this visit all transfer. It was so good to visit with them. Plus they took us to a yummy lunch and brought LIX. Sister Hill and I had a serious addiction to LIX while we were in Potosi so I was very excited to have them bring me some. Sister Arch and I have been eating it like every day.... haha
Nothing else too crazy for this week.... 
have a wonderful week and remember to smile:)
Sister Turpin 
Exchanges with Sister Kikkert and Francis

We helped at a garage sale and got these cute cardinal hats! 

Cutie Sister Orme

I converted my district to cheetah print.  The most cheetalicious missionaries EVER!

Some of my favorite people, The Moores!

Love my LIX, yummy. Thanks Moores!

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