Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 15

Hello family and friends!!
Okay before I get started on this week.. HOW ABOUT THEM COUGARS?:) Unfortunately I don't get to watch any BYU games, but there are members in the branch that fill me in each Sunday about the game. Needless to say, I am a little homesick for BYU football but glad to hear they are having a good season so far!
Anyways... We had transfer meeting on Wednesday! Transfer meeting is by far my favorite out of all the missionary meetings we have! I remember being there just 3 months ago scared out of my mind sitting on the stand waiting to see who my trainer would be. Not much as changed since then! HA! except for this time I was sitting in the congregation, scared out of my mind, waiting to see who the new missionary I would be training would be. The missionaries always read the area they are serving in first and then the name of their companion. As soon as Sister Hill read Potosi I was so excited I jumped up there to hug her before she even read my name.. oops:) But Sister Hill is my new companion!! She is 19 and from Boise, Idaho. (gotta keep those idahoians together!) She went to BYU for a year before her mission and is majoring in elementary education. So we are pretty similar! She is awesome though and I am excited to spend the next two transfers together. Also I got to see all the sisters I was in the MTC with! Sisters Bishop, Lott, and Williams. Turns out we are all training this transfer! Who would have ever thought? It was so fun to see them again:) 
Here are the highlights from this week:
We had a lesson with Ron. He has been working on reading the Book of Mormon before his baptism in November. When we went to meet with him on Thursday he told us that he skipped to 3 Nephi because that is where Christ comes to visit the Nephites and he wanted to read from there. He read almost the whole book of 3 Nephi! We were pumped. but it was so cool to hear the things that he is learning from the BOM. Ron is really one of those people who absorbs everything. Plus he said that in the next few weeks they will be changing schedules at work so he is praying they will give him Sundays off and so are we! 
We also got to meet with Carolyn this week. She had a baptismal date for the end of August but got really busy with work and family issues and we haven't been able to set a time to meet with her for a while. We finally saw her on Friday had and had a great lesson! We read 2 nephi 31 and talked about baptism with her and if she still wanted to get baptized and she said that she does!!:) We set a date for Novemeber 14th! It's always exciting seeing people want to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ. 
Rose and Steve have both been reading from the BOM which is great! Steve texted us this week and said "Did you know that Joseph Smith was actually murdered not too far from where Sis. Reed is at in Illinois?" We laughed at that one and told him we were aware of Joseph Smith's history! But when we went over to visit them he told us he had watched a movie between our last visit. I was nervous that he had found some anti LDS stuff online. well guess what movie he watched? JOSEPH SMITH PROPHET OF THE RESTORATION. turns out it's on netflix if any of you want to watch it:) But he totally loved it! and then he told us to guess what other movie he had watched. 17 miracles!! We were shocked!! Rose said she fell asleep during 17 miracles and wants to have a movie night with us to watch it. HA!! not sure we can do that, but maybe we can get permission:) anyways we were so excited when he told us about that! We also read Alma 32 with them about faith and Rose and told us that morning that she had posted something on facebook about faith and that she knew it wasn't a coincidence we had wanted to read that with them. It was really cool! 
Saturday we gave some service to members in our branch, the Marty's. we helped them clean their house.. well actually they live in a log cabin. it's pretty legit! they have no electricity or running water. i could not live like that! but they have the cutest most humble kids ever! I just love this branch so much!! 
Well that's pretty much all for the week! I hope that everyone is doing well back at home. 
Sister Turpin 
I have loved serving with Sister Reed!
Sister Reed, Sister Turpin, and Sister Hill

Sister Hill,  Breanne's new missionary she is training.

The Marty's Log cabin!

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