Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 7

Family & Friends,
We had another great week here in Potosi! On Saturday Dustin got baptized and it was awesome!! Sister Reed and I made invitations to hand out to the people we are teaching and other people, hoping that they would come. We handed out almost 20 invitations and sadly none of them came. But it's okay because it was a great day anyways and there was a good turnout from the branch members. Dustin is so cool because he didn't believe in God at all when he first met the missionaries. He saw Sister Reed and her last companion at the library and thought they were nuns. HA! He went up and talked to them and from there the rest is history. Sister Reed said when they first taught Dustin he didn't believe in God at all so they told him to challenge God to see if he was really there. So Dustin being the stubborn 18 year old that he is prayed for the worst day ever. Not your typical thing to pray for.. But the best part is that God answered his prayer and gave him an awful day. He texted the missionaries and said, "I'm cold, wet, tired, and hurt, but I know that there' a God." Cool huh! Anyways I came in about halfway while they were teaching Dustin so I haven't been able to see the whole transformation but I have seen how much he has changed in such a little time and it is all because of the gospel and the Savior Jesus Christ. Ah it's awesome, I just love being able to be apart of this!! Also on Sunday Dustin got confirmed in sacrament meeting and the first thing he said to Sister Reed and I was "I'm a Mormon" it was awesome! We got some cool pictures at the baptism of us with him and our pocket knifes:) haha too funny!
Anyways another great thing about this week was we set a baptismal date with Ron. WOO!! We met with him on Thursday and asked him when he thought would be a good day to be baptized. He told us that the first date he thought of was his birthday, November 14th. That seems like forever away especially because he is SO READY!! But it's a difficult situation because Ron works on Sundays and he has to come to church 3 times before he can be baptized so hopefully between now and then he will be able to get a few sundays off. He told us this is just a goal for now and if he keeps feeling good about thing he will probably move it up sooner. It's so hard for me to remember that getting baptized can be a huge step for some people but I know how important and essential it is so I just want them to do it as soon as possible! But Ron reminded me that I need to be patient and we can't push people before they are ready. 
This is the last week of the transfer, it's so crazy how fast time has gone! We get another mini missionary this week and we pick her up tomorrow so we are excited for that! It's going to be another fabulous week:) Hope everyone back at home is doing well. I appreciate all of the emails/letters that you all send. I have the best family & friends EVER!!
Sister Turpin
p.s. I told President Morgan this week that the mission home needs to get a swimming pool and that after missionaries go to the temple on their halfway mark they can have a pool party that night. just a suggestion, i'll let you know what the verdict is next week;)

Dustins baptism!
Church house in Missouri

Side walk chalked the first principles and ordinances of the gospel.

The theme for the mission is BELIEVE!

Sister in the ward that Sister Reed and Sister Turpin are serving in.

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  1. Love your pix! What a wonderful smile! You'll win hearts all over the place!!