Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 43

Since April Fools day was last Friday I feel like I should start this out by telling y'all about the prank the Elders played on us. Sister Fisher and I got a text from our district leader forwarding us a media referral that was in our area. Of course we were pumped about it so we plugged in the address and started driving there. Turns out it wasn't a legit referral and the Elders had sent us to Taco Bell. We had a good laugh about it because the day before we had told them how much we love taco bell. Well we decided that we needed to get them back somehow. Their area right now is a walking/biking area but they told us that they would be getting a car next transfer. Sister Fisher and I, being the sneaky sisters we are, told the APs to call the elders and tell them they wouldn't be getting a car anymore. The Elders totally fell for it and when we called them that night they started complaining to us about it. We were laughing SO HARD! We finally told them it was an April Fool's joke and they gave us props on getting them back. 
Other than playing a prank on the Elders, we had another great week! We have been finding new people to teach which has been such a blessing. Our newest investigators are Nathan and Mandy. Nathan has been taught by the sisters in the past, but then life got caught up with him and he became too busy. We stopped by to visit him this last week and we had a great lesson! He has had a near death experience and totally believes in the spirit world and life after death so we talked a lot about the plan of salvation. His girlfriend Mandy was there as well and she listened in. We gave them both a BOM and they are excited to read it. 
Our weekend was even better, because DUH general conference!! It's such a blessing that we get to listen from a living day prophet and apostles. And lets be real, President Monson is the cutest. Am I right? There were too many great talks to pick one favorite, but I really enjoyed Elder Hollands. It was a great way to end conference. I feel the same way sometimes knowing that spiritual experiences or moments have to come to an end and I don't know how to hang on to it, but we shouldn't be afraid of tomorrow. We need to learn from those experiences we had and hang on to them. Don't give up, and keep trying. All our Heavenly Father asks of us is to try our best. 
Time always goes so quickly. It's the last week of the transfer already, and Sister Fisher's last week of her mission. I feel like I still have forever left on my mission but yesterday I hit my 10 month mark. I wish time would slow down a little bit! Well I love you all and hope that everyone is doing fabulous back at home:) Thanks for all your love support and prayers.

Breanne Turpin
10 months!!
Sister Day, Oldroyd, Fisher, and me.  We bought matching outfits!

Reunited with my Potosi homies!! Elder Livingston, Johnson, and Quinn

Sister Bishop, my MTC companion.  We had to get custard!

My Easter dress from mom! 

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