Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week 41

Happy first week of Spring!! Hopefully everyone is enjoying their spring break. Unless you go to BYU or you are a missionary, because neither of us get a spring break!
It was a busy week for us here in O'Fallon. We had exchanges on Tuesday with the Union sisters. I went to Union with Sister Gordon and she is just the cutest!! It's always fun to be in a new area for a day and get to work with a new companion so you can learn from each other. At the end of the exchange we do a group comp inventory with the sisters and talk about what we learned from each other and things we can improve on and the different goals we have. Sister Drake was so cute she said, "It's so hard to tell the STLs what to improve on because you both are perfect in our eyes. You are the kind of missionaries that we want to be." It was really sweet. I am FAR from perfect!! But it helped remind me how much the sisters look up to us, because I thought the same thing about my STLs. It was a good reminder to always be an example because you never know who is looking up to you. 
We had exchanges again on Thursday with the Lake Saint Louis sisters. Sister Roundy came to O'Fallon with me! We got to go and visit a recent convert family, the Carrillos. The wife has had some health problems lately so we brought our ward mission leader with us to give her a blessing. The spirit was really strong! Plus best part is that their 11 year old granddaughter Piper was there. Piper has met with missionaries before in the past but got busy with other things. She said that she wanted to start meeting with the missionaries again. She is the sweetest, and she came to church yesterday. WOO!! We are excited to start teaching her.
Finding is always a constant struggle for missionaries. We are ALWAYS finding people to teach. I have a love/hate relationship with finding because sometimes you have success and sometimes you don't. But I love all the people that we get to meet as we try to find. We were knocking some doors Saturday morning and knocked into a guy, Sebastian. He told us that a month ago he probably would have turned us away but that he just recently started to believe in God and Jesus Christ again. We shared the new easter video with him on his doorstep and it was so neat. He thanked us for coming by and said we could stop by again. Hopefully we will be able to start teaching him! It was a testimony to me of God's timing. He knows when each of His children are ready to hear the gospel and he will lead us where we need to be at the right time. 
We have some recent converts, Marcos (11) and Emilia (13) , that we have been trying to have family home evening with every week. We have been working to help Emilia with her personal progress since she is in young woman's now. So for one of the goals she had to prepare her own FHE lesson. It was so cute!! She taught us about fasting and showed us a video probably from like the 1970s hahahah she was like I know this video is cheesy but it was a good message. I love getting to watch young people's testimonies grow! 
 K funny story for you all... So last Monday we had sisters Pday at the mission home. I LOVE THE MISSION HOME. Anyways, we decided to make crepes and it was a good time. So all the sisters were in the kitchen making crepes and listening to EFY music and if you know me very well at all, you know that I love to dance/perform for people. So of course I start dancing in the kitchen and putting on a show and I hear sister fisher say "keep going sister turpin!" so I turn around to look at her and President Morgan is standing right here. OH MY GOODNESS. He just said, "Hello there Sister Turpin, those are some awesome dance moves, why did you stop?" HAHAHAHAHA. I was so embarrassed. good stuff. Hopefully I could brighten somebody's day with that story:) 
I love this Easter season! And I am so grateful for the Easter video the church has come out with that we are able to share with everyone. IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YET, GO WATCH IT NOW:) #hallelujah I am so blessed to have a knowledge of Jesus Christ. I know that He lives and because He lives, I can find new life. I love my Savior. I love this gospel. I love being a missionary. 
Happy Easter Everyone:)
Sister Turpin 
With the Union sisters! 
Sister Gordon, Drake, Fisher, me

Making crepes in the kitchen at the mission home. wooo! 

I love all these Sisters, and President Morgan!

Happy St. Patricks Day from Missouri!

FHE with Marcos and Emilia

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