Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week 40

HAPPY DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!! aka.. the worst day of the year because we lose an hour of sleep... Other than losing sleep, we had an awesome week here in O'Fallon!
Since there aren't as many sister missionaries in a zone as there are elders, Sister Fisher and I cover two zones. So we were able to go to a second zone conference this last week. Zone conference round 2 was even better than round 1! We just have really awesome missionaries here in MSLM. We had some Elders tell us that our training was exactly what they needed to hear. It's cool what happens when you teach by the spirit!! The testimony meeting at the end was my favorite, like always. Almost every single missionary said that this was their favorite zone conference they had been to. Plus another cool thing: So we have new senior couple missionaries and they are from Pocatello, ID. I went to talk to them at zone conference and turns out that Sister Axford was my 9th grade english teacher. Small world right? 
So I got a surprise visit on Saturday from who else but... AUDRE!!! No matter where I go she just always seems to pop up;) hahah just playing  Audre, you da best!! She texted Sister Fisher and I and said she was near O'Fallon and wanted to come teach with us for the day. so we met up and had dinner and taught a few lessons, it was so fun! reminds me of the glory days in Potosi:) PLUS.. Sister Hill got to call Saturday when we were with Audre!!! WOOO! it was like a mini-reunion. But Stephen, who I was teaching in Danville got baptized on Saturday so Sister Peel & Hill got permission to call me to tell me about it. Those are always the best phone calls!!!
We set a baptismal date with our investigators Patrick & Priscila. They are really sweet. Patrick loves the BOM and knows it is true, but he struggles with a few addictions. We are working with him to overcome it. We talked about baptism with them and wanted to pick a date to set a goal. Patrick said he wanted to get baptized on his birthday. He is really motivated and wants to make changes in his life. Priscila helps to motivate him too. When we set the date with them Priscila goes, "well I guess we're mormon now" hahahahah. 
Sunday we had a special meeting with 4 of the wards in the stake. They took parts of each ward to create a new ward, the Wentzville ward. It was really awesome!! The stake president told us that we were apart of a historic event. Sister Fisher and I were joking about it a little bit... but when you really think about it, it's an amazing event that just happened. It proves to me that this is truly the work of the Lord because it keeps moving forward and membership in the church keeps growing. Yay for forming new wards!!!
I love you all and hope you enjoy St. Patricks day this week. don't forget to wear green;)
Sister Turpin 
What we look like after a great zone conference!

Companions at the MTC, Sister Bishop

Getting ready for St. Patricks Day!

Audre came to visit, love that girl!

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