Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 32

I don't know what the weather is like in Idaho but it was a solid 5 degrees this morning. Thank goodness for fleece lined leggings and wool socks! 

So Sister Henrie left Tuesday morning and Sister Peel came to replace her. While they were traveling I was chilling in Mattoon for the morning with Sister White because both of our companions were leaving us. Sister White is really awesome! I just love all of the sister I meet here. We didn't get to do too much before I had to leave but we did make a drive out to the small town of Lerna, which has the fastest pop machine in the US. So of course I had to buy a pop from it, even though I don't drink pop. But I can cross that off my bucket list;)Anyways... Sister Peel is my new companion! She is 24 and from Mt. Pleasant Utah. She has been on her mission for 4 1/2 months. She is the sweetest person ever. Like seriously SO NICE! She is pretty quiet, so a little different from Sister Henrie, but she's awesome. It will be an great transfer!

There's this guy, Tim, who does maintenance work around the apartment complex that we live at. We seem him quite a bit and always say hi. Well the other day he asked us if we were teachers. We told him that we were missionaries and what we do. We chatted for a little bit and gave him our card with our number on it, he said that he's looking for a new church and that something told him to talk to us. COOL! So later that night our phone rang and I answered it and it was Tim! He said he was just calling to make sure we didn't give him a fake number. hahah and then he asked me to pray for him over the phone. Super odd.. but first time for everything right? We are hoping to set up a time to meet with him but he's pretty busy with work.

WE SET A BAPTISMAL DATE WITH ABRION!!! WOOOOO! I love this girl so much. She is amazing. We taught her the plan of salvation and gave her a baptismal calendar and decided that February 13th will be the date. Ever since she felt the spirit so strongly after watching the Joseph Smith movie she accepts everything that we teach her because she knows that it is true. She has a lot of questions and doesn't know much but it's so cute. She asked us what the difference between God and Jesus was. I forget sometimes that people don't know things like that. After the lesson was over I felt like we needed to teach Abrion how to pray. So we went over the steps with her and she goes "How did you know that I didn't know how to pray? That's why I always want you guys to pray because I feel like I don't know how." I love how the spirit can tell us exactly what somebody needs to learn. 

Well I love you all! have a great week and stay warm. 
Sister Turpin 
This is the worlds fastest pop machine! 

This is Kim, she is so funny and makes me laugh all the time! Love her.

Sister Blew asked us to teach primary, so much fun!

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