Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 24

Today I got to check another thing off my bucket list! We finally made the "journey to the top" of the arch in St. Louis. We have been wanting to get permission to go up to St. Louis for Pday to hang out with some other sisters for the longest time and we finally got everything to work out to go today and of course it was raining all day long! Even though we were wet and rainy and cold we still had a good time:)
I'm getting really bad at remembering what happens each week.. I must be getting old or something;) 
Let's see here's the latest update from good old Missouri:
We had exchanges this last week. I went up to Glen Carbon, Illinois for the day with Sister Ewell. I have only had 4 exchanges on my mission so far and 3 of them have been with Sister Ewell. Probably because there is so much I need to learn from her! We always have a good time when we are together though and she is going home at the end of the month so that is really sad. Nothing too exciting happened in Illinois but while I was gone Sister Hill and Sister Walker had a good day in Potosi. They were able to pick up a new investigator, Josie. Sister Hill and I knocked on Josie's door about a month ago but she was busy. We have gone back a few times but she has never been home. Well finally on Tuesday the sisters knocked on her door and she was home. YAY!! Persistence is key:) it is so hard to be persistent in missionary work sometimes, but when we are then we are always blessed. Josie doesn't have much religious background but they taught her how to pray and about Jesus Christ she told them that she wants to learn more and that she felt the chills when they watched the because He lives video. We are super stoked to get to teach Josie more!! 
Andrea is still on the baptismal calendar for the end of the month. We taught her this last week about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is so funny, she started taking out her notebook to take notes while we were teaching her. It's amazing to see the difference between those who are prepared to hear the gospel and those who aren't. At the end of the lesson we invited her to pray and she said "Please help me to know that these things are true. Well actually, you already kind of have, you've been doing a good job at that so keep it up." hahah it was so cute! I love hearing our investigators pray because they are always so sincere and from the heart. 
This weekend we had Stake Conference. President and Sister Morgan were there and we got to see them at the Saturday night session. It was the best, just like seeing our parents! Well not quite, but almost as good;) We got to hear from Elder Rhodes of the 70 and Sister Hill was called on to bear her testimony. Our Stake President, President Dixon gave a really good talk about doing the Lord's work His way. He talked about how sometimes we think we know what is best or how we should be doing things, but God's way is always the best way. 
Also, I can't believe it is already the holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. I am mostly excited because we get these new pass along card for the new christmas video "A Savior is Born." It releases on November 29th so you all should watch it!! Plus President Morgan told us all today that we can listen to any christmas music from any LDS artist. WOOOO!!! Mom and Dad you should totally send me some more CDs:) Our mission can only listen to MOTAB during the week and then on Pdays we can listen to EFY music or other music from so we are super pumped that we can listen to more than mormon tabernacle choir. The things that get missionaries excited right??
Well that's all for this week. Here's a quote that Sister Walker told Sister Hill and I.. "Be yourself, but don't be afraid to change."
Sister Turpin 
Sister Hill and I are QT's!

We love our Sister exchanges, Sister Walker, Sister Ewell, Sister Hill and me!

Thanks for the scarves mom, I love them!
Getting creative with fall time pictures!

Wet and cold at the Arch in St. Louis! 

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