Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 23

HAPPY UNIFICATION DAY! I hope that everyone enjoys my favorite holiday.
lol just kidding. unification day isn't a holiday, but here's a funny story!
The first Sunday we had combined as a new ward was fast and testimony meeting and Brother Vinson bore his testimony and said "the unification of this branch and ward needed to happen." Sister Hill and I looked at each other and started laughing because we were pretty sure unification wasn't a word. Well we may have teased him a little bit about it and Thursday when we went over to their house for dinner Brother Vinson informed us that unification is in fact a word. So ever since Sister Hill and I have learned that, we have been using the word unification as much as possible:)
Anyways.... on to more important stuff!
We set a baptismal date with Andrea for the end of November!! YAY!! It seems like most of the people we have been teaching for a while just aren't progressing. it can be super frustrating! but, andrea has been such a blessing to us! We invited her to be baptized at the end of the month and she was a little bit nervous about it cause she feels like she isn't ready. We assured her that we would help her prepare for the date and that she will be ready by then and to pray and see if this is what Heavenly Father wants for her. She also came to church this week and it was great because we had a "munch and mingle" afterwards and she was able to make friends with some of the members. It's so awesome when we have members who help fellowship the people we are teaching. It makes our job a little bit easier! 
We went to visit Julie K last night to give her a big print BOM. She has a hard time seeing the small print in the book and mormon and we have been waiting FOREVER for a large print one to come in to give to her, but we finally got it! Julie told us that it was her birthday on Friday and we felt kind of bad that we missed it, but we told her that we got this BOM for her as a birthday present:) haha so then Julie tells us that she wants us to sign the BOM. She has had quite a few missionaries teach her in her lifetime but last night she said, "I like all of the missionaries that have come, but you two are by far my favorites. I really love youins (p.s. you-ins is a missouri term, super weird. everyone out here says it!)" OH yeah that's right!! Sister Hill and I are officially Julie's favorite missionaries. We are still working to get her a divorce... but we did commit her to read two pages from the Book of Mormon every day and we gave her a cute BOM chart to color in, she liked that!
A few other things: We got to see Hayden this week. It's been a minute since we've seen him because he's been busy with family issues/work. But we were able to reset his baptismal date. He picked January 8th, because that's his grandma's birthday that just passed away. 

We had president interviews this week in Cape. It's almost a 2 hour drive down to Cape Girardeau, but it is the prettiest drive so we always love when we get to go down! Plus it was good to see President Morgan, he's pretty cool I guess. 
We started teaching this lady DD. Her husband is a member and from Ohio. They just moved down here. He actually knows my friend Emily Bradford (I cheered with her at BYU) who is serving in the Columbus Ohio mission right now. SMALL WORLD!! 
Super Saturday was this last Saturday! It's just an activity that the ward does every year where they do a whole bunch of crafts and it pretty much takes up the whole day. Well Sister Hill and I got a little crafty so that was fun!
That's about all for this week.
I hope that everyone is doing well back at home. Thanks for all the emails/letters. I have the best family/friends out there!
Sister Turpin 
We love the Fall time here in Missouri!
Rock On!
p.s. I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT THIS!! haha okay this is really funny actually. So two weeks ago Sister Hill and I got asked to sing a musical number at ZLT well we told the Zone leaders that the Farmington Elders are pretty musical so they called them and the Elders said that they would sing if we sang with them. So we ended up doing a musical number together. Sister Hill played the piano and I sang with the Elders. Well then the Elders were at a dinner appointment with the ward chorister and told them about our musical number we sang and the ward chorister decided we needed to sing in sacrament meeting. So yesterday in church we did the musical number again. You would be so proud of me mom:) LOL I have decided 2 musical numbers is enough for my whole mission right?


  1. Hi Lori...I am Sister Hill's mom, Shawna...I am so thankful for your daughter and the way she has trained and loved my daughter. They truly seem like long, lost friends!

    1. Hi Shawna! I'm a little late in reading this. I'm so glad Breanne got to serve with your daughter! I agree they have made a friendship and have made memories that will last a lifetime! Sister Hill will make a wonderful trainer. I hope your family has a wonderful Holiday Season!