Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 20

OK, this is gonna be super short! sorry!!
We decided to actually do something for pday so we drove down to cape girardeau and went shopping at a REAL mall!!! Sister Hill and I were in heavan!! hahah but we don't have as much time to email today. but it was so worth it:) I got 3 skirts for under $20. you should be proud of me mom!!
Anyways... We got transfer calls on Saturday and Sister Hill and I will both be staying in Potosi for the next six weeks. I feel like I am just going to spend my whole mission here. It's going to be really odd when I finally leave. good thing I love it!
Here's some quick highlights from the past week:
A less active, Tracy, who we have been visiting told us that she is going to quit smoking! She finally came to church for the first time in a long time last sunday and when we went to visit her this last week she said she was going to quit smoking and then work on tea and coffee. Baby steps are better then no steps at all right?:)
We gave some service to Sister Goeller from the branch this week. She is probably my favorite person in the whole world. Besides my mom and Sister Hill of course;) hahah anyways we helped her plant some roses and weed a little bit so that was fun. Plus she took us to lix, our favorite frozen custard place 
Sister Hill got sick towards the end of the week so we took it a little bit easy. Being sick as a missionary is no fun. But I took good care of her!! We have gotten quite a bit of referrals this last transfer.. unfortunately none of them have worked out yet. but we did contact one on saturday and she told us to come back this next week so we are staying hopeful that it will work out!!
sorry this is short and quick but I love you all!
have a good week
Sister Turpin

P.S. ONE LAST THING. I can't believe I forgot this! We had the royal wedding here in Potosi this weekend. A member from our potosi branch married a member from the Farmington ward. We got to go to the reception and we were so excited! It was a party. except for missionaries are allowed to dance so that was really hard for me. oops! yay for weddings tho!
Helping Sister Goeller weed.
Custard with my favorite, Sister Goeller.

The bride Kim, what a beauty!
So excited to be at a REAL MALL for shopping!
Of course I found me some Cheetah pillows.

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