Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 19

We found a car from Idaho!
I have decided that I am super horrible at writing weekly emails and I dread it every week.. so hopefully you all enjoying reading these more than i enjoy writing them!
Sister Hill writes fun weekly emails if you want to read them her blog is :)
Anyways... some good things from this week:
Steve totally felt the spirit!!! Rose has been working really late nights but Steve told Sis Hill and I that we could come over to read from the BOM with him. We sat out on the front porch and read and discussed it together. It was really good. I love when the people we teach start to open up so we can really know how to help them and understand their needs. At the end we committed him to pray together with Rose to know if the BOM is true. He said the prayer before we left and it was so sincere. Afterwards he said, "that was good right? don't you guys feel good? i do!" hahah we were like yay steve that is the spirit confirming truth to you!! It is the best when people are able to recognize when the Holy Ghost is speaking to them.
Julie K. committed to come to church in November!! We have been trying to commit Julie to come to church for quite a while now. She's so funny every time she says "keep working on me girls, one day i'll come" Well we had a lesson on faith and did an object lesson with a tea bag. You put the tea bag on a person's hand and tell them you're gonna light it on fire but it won't burn them. They have to have faith that what you are saying is true. So we lit the tea bag on fire and before it got to the bottom part where her hand is, it floats up! She thought it was the coolest thing! we explained how faith is an action word and how until we act we won't be able to know if things are true or not. she goes "okay, I get it now!" we then committed her to come to church one sunday in november! she wouldn't pick a specific day but that is a really big step for julie we were so excited!
Heavenly Father puts people into our path every single day we just have to open our eyes and realize it! Sister Hill and I were trying to find a trailer park called eagle estates. We were super lost and our GPS was not working, go figure. Anyways we got out to try to look around better and there was a  little girl who ran outside of the house we were in front of. Her dad came running out after her. We said hi to him and told him who we were, he wasn't interested. We asked if he knew where eagle estates was at and he was able to give us directions. It was an answer to an unsaid prayer! Heavenly Father gives us so many tender mercies each day, we just have to be aware of them. 
Saturday night we went to visit a less active Tracy who we have been working with quite a bit to come back to church. each time we visit with her we read from the BOM but she likes to just close her eyes and flip open to a page and read from it because she says that is what always works for her. it makes me kind of nervous because we usually plan for the people we are going to see but tracy is always a surprise. but it's amazing that every time we do this with her she always says "that is exactly what I needed to hear" It just shows that it doesn't matter where we read in the BOM, if we are listening to the spirit we can be given the guidance that we need. We committed her to coming to church the next sunday and she said she would come to sacrament meeting, and she did! YAY!!
Sunday was such a great day. We had fast and testimony meeting and the spirit was so strong. I just love this little branch I am serving in! 
Hope that you all have a fantastic week! 
XOXO Sister Turpin
Emergency Candles

Sister Hill, Audre, and I with Julie on her baptism.

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