Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 4

Hello friends/family!
I can't believe that another week has come and gone. Time flies when you are serving the Lord/having fun while doing it:) haha anyways we had a super fun and busy last week! So they have this thing here called a mini mission (I've never heard of it before but apparently it's not a new thing). but basically it's just for young men/women who are 16-18 who are trying to decide of they want to serve a mission. They get to go out with the missionaries for the week and see what it's like. it's really a cool thing actually! So on Sunday night we got a call saying that we would be getting a mini missionary to stay with us for the week. Sister Reed has been wanting one her whole mission so she was really excited!! So on Tuesday we drove to O'Fallon Illinois to pick up our little mini missionary. Her name is Sarah Pridmore and she is 17 and considering a mission. She is super funny, so we had a great week with her! She said after the first couple of days she decided she would never go on a mission but then as the week went on and she got to teach/meet more people she said she liked it more and can see why people want to serve. so it was super awesome and we miss her already! 
So our investigator Ron, the one I talked about in my last email who's a "free spirit", well he's pretty much our favorite person to teach! We taught the plan of salvation to him this last week and he was loving it! He told us that he feels like he knows us from another life and we were like YES!! we were all in god's presence before we came to earth! so it was pretty cool. haha also he said the prayer when we were leaving and he said "thank you god for sending these girls to me and thank you for their families for allowing them to come, they must be the best people in the whole world." so thanks to Ron for shouting out our families, because I do have the BEST family in the whole world!! It was really sweet though. so we are hoping to get him to church here soon if he can get work off.
Also our other investigator Dustin has a baptismal date coming up here soon.. july 18th! We had a lesson with him about why we should get baptized and asked him why he wants to and he said "well if jesus did and he's perfect, then i should too." it was so great to see him finally get it! he's the funniest kid though. He's 18 years old and works at wal-mart and taco bell. He gave sister Reed a pocket knife the other day and said that he wants to give me one too but he hasn't found one to match my personality yet. haha he's a hoot! 
Okay last cool thing that happened this week, WE HAD A BAPTISM!! YAYAYYA! our investigator Allen got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. woot woot!! we are so proud of him. he has come such a long way! He's had a really rough past and was working hard on quiting smoking this past week and we told him that when we has the urge to smoke to read the scripture or pray and it will help. well on friday we went over to his place and the district leader was going to give him his baptismal interview and we asked him how no smoking went and he said I almost smoked this morning but then I remembered what you guys said and so I said a prayer and read my scriptures and it actually helped. and we were like YESSSS!!! hahah it's so awesome when the people we teach actually do what we tell them to! His baptism went well though. Sister Reed and I had to learn how to clean and fill the baptismal font so that was an adventure for us! The Elders were there to help us thank goodness. Who knew how difficult it would be? 
I wish I had time to tell you all of the funny things that happen during the week, but there are way too many to even try! But I hope I don't bore you all with my long emails. I try to keep them brief, it's super hard! Anyways I always love hearing from friends and family so email me whenever you have time or send me a letter. i would love it!! Thanks for all the love and support, you are all in my prayers.
Sister Turpin
Sister Turpin, Sister Reed, and Allen at his baptism.

Love this sign ha ha

Breanne see turtles everywhere!

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  1. Look at you, amazing blogging lady!!! Luv the pics! She sounds so good and so happy. Thanks for sharing