Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 1

Hey y'all! I can't believe I've been here at the MTC for six days now. Some days it feels like I've been here for months, but it's really flown by! They keep us SO BUSY here. Literally every second of our day is planned out. But it's nice because it helps me to stay focused on the work and not miss home too much. Don't worry I still miss most of you;)
So when I got here, I was put into a district with 9 other missionaries. Our district is AMAZING!! I never thought I'd be able to love complete strangers so quickly, but we have grown so close to each other and I truly have a deep love for each of them. We have 6 elders, 2 going to Jackson Mississippi and 4 going to Carlsbad California, and then there are 4 sisters and we are all going to St. Louis Missouri. Our district has so many different personalities. There are two elders that just graduate high school like 2 weeks ago, so crazy! One of the Elders has only been a member for about a year, but he honestly has one of the strongest testimonies I've ever heard. It's amazing how strong converts testimonies can become, I love it! I could talk about my district for days but I won't bore you guys. My companion's name is Sister Bishop, she is 20 and from Lehi. She is so cute and we get along well! The Lord knew that I needed her to be my companion. We have learned so much from each other already I am so sad when we will be leaving next week. Anyways me and Sister Bishop have been called as sister training leaders. I am so excited for this opportunity! The zone we are in right now has 18 elders and sisters, 8 will be leaving tomorrow. Our zone will be getting 47 new missionaries this Wednesday! WHAT!! that is so many! our branch presidency keeps telling us what a hard job it will be to keep them all in line and take care of them and make them feel loved. I'm a little nervous, but I know that me and Sister Bishop can handle it with the help of our zone leaders. 
We have amazing teachers here at the MTC. our two main ones are Sister Smith, and Brother Sorenson. Sister Smith served in Louisiana like you dad!! Brother Sorenson is so tiny, like a couple inches taller than me! They are both awesome though. We have learned alot about teaching people, not lessons. I have come to realize that we need to see others as God sees them. When we do this we will be able to understand and recognize their specific needs, we will want them to come unto Christ. We have been talking alot about our purpose as missionaries, "To invite others to come unto Christ..." I challenge you all to think if you are helping those around you to come unto Christ. We watched a talk given by Elder Bednar here at the MTC called "The Character of Christ." It helped me to realize that I need to be constantly looking outwards to help others instead of looking inwards and focusing on my own needs. 
We were able to attend a broadcast of Elder L. Tom Perry's funeral on Friday. It was a special thing to see all the missionaries gathered together and how much love and admiration all the apostles had for Elder Perry. I am grateful for the knowledge of life after death and that I can be with my family FOREVER!! 
I've loved my time here at the MTC, but i'm not gonna lie, it's been hard at times. I've learned to turn to the Lord and pray to him with my whole heart. I have come so close to Christ and deepened my conversion to the gospel. I love each and every one of you and pray for all of you back home! I want to help everyone realize how much their Father in Heaven loves them. The gospel truly blesses lives. 
Sister Turpin

p.s. We haven't figured out how to send pictures yet but hopefully I will later in the day.

All the missionaries in Breanne's zone while at the MTC.
Temple day with the sisters.

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