Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 37

Here's the latest update:
We got transfer calls this last weekend and I will be leaving Danville. I really wasn't expecting to leave, I feel like I just barely got here! I will be going to O'Fallon Missouri to be an STL with Sister Fisher. I have loved serving here, but I am excited for the next transfer. and the best part is that Sister Hill is coming here to take my place. I could not believe it when they told us that! I think President Morgan has a sense of humor, he brings my BFF to Danville and then sends me away. OH well... we will be companions again one day;)
We had some pretty great things happen this last week.
We finally got to teach Larry, who was someone we met from handing out BOMs during the BOM challenge our zone did. Larry is so cool and really just wants to find truth. We taught him about the restoration and a little about Joseph Smith. He said that he wanted to learn more about Joseph Smith so of course we decided to watch the Joseph Smith movie with him. After the movie was over he just kept saying that he couldn't believe all that  the people went through during the early times of the church. We told him that the only reason they were so persecuted is because Satan knew that Jesus Christ's church was being restored and he didn't want that to happen. The spirit was really strong and Larry said that made so much sense. He offered the prayer at the end and it was one of the most powerful prayers I have heard on my mission. He told God that he wanted to know the truth, just like Joseph Smith. and he said, "when someone knocks on your door, make sure to answer it." hahah so you better all answer when missionaries come knocking on your door;)
We also got to meet with Nici who used to have the missionaries come over in the past. It's been about a year since they have taught her. We asked her how she felt and what she remembered from missionaries in the past. She said that she doesn't remember much but she just remembers feeling peaceful. That is exactly what the gospel does. It brings us peace!!! I love this though because it helps me remember that it doesn't matter what we teach to people if we don't have the spirit with us. People won't remember the things you say, but they will always remember the way they felt.
Nothing else too exciting/crazy going on here. I am just always amazed at how quickly time goes. 
I've learned alot from my time in Danville. It's crazy how a place that you've only been for a few months can become like home to you. Sunday was filled with a lot of good byes, which I am not a fan of... But I know that God moves us missionaries exactly where we need to be. I love you all and hope that you have an awesome week.
Sister Turpin
I love these kids!
The Tillmans, one of my favorite families! 

Our district,  with zone leaders, Elder Daley and Elder Robinson

Bernice's cute grandchildren that we are teaching, Stephen, Paris, and Stephanie.

Abrion and her sweet kids, Armani and Christian.

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