Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 34

Lots of great things happened this week! 
1) Quita. Alright so we haven't taught Quita in a minute because she got busy around Christmas time and they got in a car accident so things were a little hectic. We dropped by on Tuesday and she told us that she can't believe that we just keep coming back again and again and don't give up on her. She said that she watched this movie the night before and it talked about we need to be either all in or all out and there is no in between. She told us that she wanted to start meeting with us again and take things more seriously. We shared the story with her of Peter walking on water. I LOVE THIS STORY. We talked about how when Peter took his focus off of the Savior and was worried about the waves and wind around him that's when he fell. She told us that was exactly what she needed to hear. I think this is so true for alot of us. We can get busy with life's distractions and forget what our focus should be on, the Savior. We met with her a couple days later and she told us that she repented the night before and she felt like "twinkle dust" was being taken away from her each time she repented for something. It was awesome. Repentance is real and when we sincerely ask for forgiveness we can feel the weight of sin leaving us. 
2) The Sullivan Girls. ahhh. These three girls are probably my favorite 11 and 12 year olds ever! They are so cute!! We have been teaching them the new member lessons and they really wanted to watch the Joseph Smith movie so we decided to have a movie night. WOOOO! It was so fun. We met at Amy's house, their aunt, and had snacks and popcorn and watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. After the movie the girls all said, "I love this movie but I hate it because it is so sad." I have watched this movie quite a bit since being on my mission and every time I watch it I get emotional. I love Joseph Smith so much and am grateful for the sacrifices he made so that we could experience the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you haven't watched this movie, I highly recommend it. I think it's even on netflix:)
3) Abrion. OUR HOMEGIRL CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!! YESSSSS. BEST DAY EVER!!! okay that might be a little dramatic, but we were so excited!! We taught her this week and she told us she is nervous to come to church because she doesn't want people to judge her. we told her that we would come to her place and walk to church with her in the morning (she lives like right next to the church thank goodness!) so it would be less scary to come. She agreed to that. Well Sunday morning after we had ward council we went to go to her place and she texted us and said that she wouldn't be able to come to church because her son had a fever. we were so bummed. We went to sacrament and afterwards Sister Blew came up to us and said that somebody was looking for us. We walked around the corner and there was Abrion with her two kids, Armani and Christian!! We were pumped. She said that Christian's fever went down and so they decided to come. We took Christian to nursery and Armani to primary and went to class with Abrion. They all loved it and said they would be back next week. YAY!!!
4) BOM challenge. So our zone has been doing alot of challenges lately, and our Zone leaders gave us a challenge to see who could pass out the most Book of Mormons between Friday and Sunday. My competitiveness kicked in of course and Sister Peel and I decided we were gonna win! We've been pretty busy lately teaching people so we haven't had a lot of time to knock doors. We decided to spend an hour knocking on doors to hand out BOMs. We ended up passing out 7 BOMs and meeting some awesome potentials. I always hate the idea of tracting but every time I do it, I end up loving it. someone once told me "if you're ever having a bad day, go tracting." it's so true! Sometimes people are rude and don't want to listen to what we have to say, but I always love being able to bear my testimony at each door. It helps strengthen my testimony so much!! We didn't end up winning the challenge.. but that's okay! next time;) hah
I hope that everyone's week was as great as mine, but probably not because there's nothing better than being a missionary in Danville!;)
Also I get to go on exchanges with Sister Reed today. WOOOOO! We are having a sisters pday and meeting at the stake center to have a nerf gun war. it's gonna be totally awesome:) 
This sign is my life.

Smiling because all the snow is gone!

My favorite girls, Amy, Rachel, Paige, and Alyssa!

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